Wendee Phillips Deal's OAR HOUSE & Buffalo Chips Collection  click on photos (except guess who)

These precious gems are from the period 1971-72 a great time at the Oar House

Bill Grayson was the GM   captions are always coming and always too soon!

John Shields and Wendee Phillips

John Shields and

Al Libiano

Bob & Wendee - partners in crime on the floor and at the bar as barkeep & waitress

Brent Steiner, Jack Grayson & Katy Donaldson

Brian Smith -Oar Mgr & later Mgr Minderbinders

Carol R & Bob Tolan

Carol Rodriguez & Mark W

exploring a myth

Dave Baumgardner-Oar Mgr & friend

Stacy Swineford

& friends

Jenx passed out with cannine friend

John Grady - Station three Numero Uno barkeep

Ben Crocker & friend

Mark Williams & Tom Armbruster


Wendee & Mark W - sobriety check

Bob Tolan & baby


John Shields & PM

English Red

Russ Armstrong

Russ Armstrong, Wendy

Alan Christian & Smokey

Jenx, Sandy Papieka & friends...check out the Jenx pants ...an 80's comevack


Ben Crocker, Bob Tolan, Mark Williams  & ?

Wndy John XMAS

Tapia Park Malibu Company Picnic

Cathy Nagle, Brent Steiner & Oar Crew at Tapia Picnic

Tom Armbrustrer

Wendy found these two relics while doing some pre-spring cleaning.  A personalized wine &  label - an employee gift and an Oar House charm.  I'm thinking 1969-72??  Check-in w/mo info            Nice finds Wendy!!!   

Odd Quad member

Tom Forbes

  Neil Larson, GAF Warehouseman & Crew Member submitted these  pieces.  A Quality is Us coin  from 1989 & a pair of  Erdinger beer glasses .  ATE has one in his office. a Brent Steiner original masterpiece
Mac Rush, a co-worker of Bill Byram provided this collection of old musical locomotives for our visual pleasure.  Mac also provided the artwork above right.  Brent Steiner has taken ownership & is putting names to the faces.  Ahh those Crown amps!                              Lookout - Mac found some moar right  above

Jack Edwards sent in these memories from the 1975/1976 era.  He has said he may send jpegs of his t-shirt collection.       WOW!!!


Peg is standing on the 8-ball.  Who is the heart throb in the fur jacket??



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