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June 8-9, 2012   Santa Monica - Oar House Mini Reunion

Santa Monica will never be the same (of course we said that in 1975 and look what happened)
February 18, 2012     Phoenix Arizona - Pat Merryman & friends Soiree
PM - back in the news along with the faithful, this time rallying the troops in Phoenix.  Ann Michel, Jan Leigton(gracious host), Carol Cromwell Paddock & hubbie Phil, Maggie Chadwick, & others.  Memories flew like startled sparrows while the wine, beer & spirits over flowed like the Chips  kitchen sump on a Fri. night.
Up next - Santa Monica June-
April 1, 2011 An evening with the Atwills - No Foolin' just Funnin'
Joe Atwill & his lovely wife entertain GAF veterans in their abode in Santa Barbara. Everyone was mostly behaved although there were rumors Joe put knock out drops in the punch to avoid any swinging from their Waterford crystal chandelier -  MORE to COME!

Glowbird,Great Scott & Pat Flannery in repose after a hearty repast at the Atwill's buffet - that's Boo-fay to you

Frank Carone & Jeff Dunstone riveted to their seats by Scott.

Jeff Dunstone, PM & Carole Cromwell recall
the fast times with the GAF construction crew
(left) Frank Carone & Jeff D listen to an odd ditty from the Great Scott. Say whaaat?
After a rather embarrassing pregnant pause in the conversation, PM falls back on her patented "pull my finger" routine.  Jeff still pondering PM's last comment obliges her, much to the chagrin of the other revelers and a tree squirrel not pictured that fell from the tree behind on to the payment.  Where's PETA?
Joe Atwill (right) and his pal
Pat Flannery take time from their reminiscing to pose for a quick one.  Joe was about to give Pat the rabbit ear treatment but just missed it.

Pat Merryman recently

visited Jules Boroszyeski

at his home in New Jersey.  Jules was the GM at the Oar House Buffalo Chips & Sloans in the early to mid seventies


PM & Kelly NYC





Kelly (my daughter) and I got out to see Jules in New Jersey.  He looks great!  It's hard to believe it's been twenty years since we had seen each other - Kelly, Kevin (my son) and I visited him when he had the house and bar (Hoagie Barmichael's) in Newport Beach - I'm guessing around 1990.  

Anyway, about a week ago Jules and I had some great laughs over shared memories - day to day happenings at the OHBC and party apartments of our friends that left us wondering could there be another day or night THAT amazing/unbelievable/funny again; the Going Out of Business Sales; Beer School at Busch Gardens/unlimited beer for friends of Augie Busch/Larry Wheeler's broken nose; my first night at station 6/what if that had not happened; how we both started at the Oar - did you know Jules was going to be a schoolteacher and was just out in Calif for the summer? Or that Jules - now 66, B-day in early May - was born in Poland (I think Poland - I know in Europe - came to the U.S. when he was very young - I think five.) His Mom is still alive and an absolute delight!  Cute as a button!!   

Jules and I both know that the OHBC days were the absolute best of times and we think about our great friends a lot - cheers to all of you for being part of our shared memories and lives.  PM  5/27/2010

Eric Parlee

Here's a photo of me in Cabo...working on my own gray hairs...Gerri Gilliland invited us down for a week at here time share. Dave couldn't come, but I couldn't resist.  Hanging in, hope things are looking up.  Just got a new project--the first in almost a year--so let's hope it's a trend.  6/8/2010

Pat Merryman 2011 - 

Glowbird was the photographer - at Roadium swap meet - Redondo Beach.  

I may be "older", but still happily with the heart of a 22 year old! - PM