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More Danny Baralts recollections, manifestations & incantations

I wrote down these remembrances and think they will bring back memories for one and all during the 1970s period.  

 1.  Pat Merryman making a meatloaf in the shape of a TURKEY for the Oar House GM, Jules Boryczewski, for Thanksgiving because Jules "DOESN'T EAT THE BIRD"!  (This was in Venice, CA when PM lived with Sandy and the Great Scott.)

 2.  The "Nighty-night " party at J.Sloans (see story and pictures already submitted).

 3.  Time spent at the famous JOHN GRADY brunches held in Marina del Rey where Mickey Dolenz (sp?) "CIRCUS BOY" from the T.V . series, original MONKEE from his TV show his new wife (an English Pop magazine writer) came over to say "Hi" to all of our table.  Mickey and his wife later joined us at a party at John Grady's but I think they weren't too happy about it.  Seems we were bigger monkeys that he was.  Smart move on Mickey's part to DEPART.

 4.  Orange County Swap meet.  Famous for the great PM to want to visit and take us all along.  I remember the day that we were all there and the Great Scott picked up a diaphragm someone was selling;  he looks down at it, after picking it up and exclaims, "Nope, not big enough!"  The great Scott had a super sense of humor even though "Glow-Bird" didn't give him much slack.

 5.  RESTRAINT IN ACTION and done right.  We all went to a Dodgers baseball game and even though we were loud in our enthusiasm during the game there was a jerk sitting in front of us who didn't like our spirit.  He ended up throwing a beer in the face of one of our friends and this person took it with stride and didn't take any action towards it.  He showed perfect restraint and is respected for his knowledge of handling idiots. 

 6.  The famous CHUCK LUCKO bartender, who drove an XKE Jaguar and would fling his tip bowl at customers who would leave the balance of a .69 cent drink in his tip bowl for a tip.  Precious.

 7.  SPECULATION RESOLVED:   The Great Scott goes to Alaska for riches and fortune.  Scotty and I lived together during this period in Santa Monica.  We had been bartending and he heard from a couple of customers, who came back from Alaska (during the pipeline era) that there was a bunch of bucks to be made there in bartending.  The figures of tips told him were more than we made in a month .  So, Scotty presents to me, after hearing the stories, "Hey, Dan, let's go to Alaska and get the riches".

I told Scotty that, "You go first and if it's that great then let me know and I'll come up."  Well, during the Great Scott's time in Alaska I received many letters from him and maybe photos.  Nothing that he wrote beckoned me up to Alaska yet it did give me a glimpse of his experiences.  I truly wish I still had his letters from Alaska.  They would be awesome.

 8.  OLDIES BUT GOODIES MONDAY NITES AT THE OAR....could not have been such a great success unless Clark and Brent put their creativity towards it.  Not to mention Les Perry, the master DJ, of all  the great songs from the past.  When we really got this night going Scotty's girlfriend, aka 'Glowbird', made us  "ELVIS/SHA NA NA glitter outfits for Patrick Flannery, Scotty Naber and Daniel Baralt.  Custom  made and all we had to do was slick back our hair and put on the costumes and POUR DRINKS ALL NIGHT LONG....10 DEEP AT ORDERING Stations'.  While this was going on Clark and Brent came up with the idea to have a record album cover and a record inside to give out to they put  together a photo shoot and we all ended up in a lot, off  Main St.., taking pictures that would become album covers for OLDIES BUT GOODIES AT THE OAR HOUSE ON MONDAY NIGHTS. Clark's album cover and photography is still wonderful.  These two creative geniuses, Brento and Clark Merritt, took a slow night, in the bar business, into one of the most busy nights of a bar's history.  LES PERRY, the famous DJ, put together the greatest songs that we played on tape back then.  This is one of those:  You should have been there when it was going on. 

 9.  There was a night that we could not leave the Oar House after closing due to some wacko holding a gun to Jules Boryczewski's head (our current GM).

 10.  Ken "Smokey" Roberts hiring me to become a barkeep.  I was just delivering my resumes out in bars that I would like to work for and Smokey told me, after seeing my paperwork, to immediately go next door from the Chips to the Oar House and get trained right then and there.  Little did I know that the bartender (Keith) who was training me was about to be fired after training me.  Seems that he got into a fight with customer and this was a firing what I heard.  At any rate, he trained me and Katy Donaldson would always compare my butt to Keith's and figure out in her head who had the cutest butt.  Katy was always a butt perfectionist yet a lady that handled herself perfectly.   She was one in a million.  She did ultimately say I had the greatest butt after all.  ....but I've heard that before.

 11.  While going to UCLA my roommate and I had a GAF carpenter GARY help us make some wooden items for English Literature projects:  a wooden cross and a coffin.  Gary cut the wood and cut the sides for a coffin ( two different

projects).  Since we lived on 3rd St./Ocean Park in Santa Monica we had to take our coffin and large cross to UCLA on top of my 1959 VW.  What a sight that was.  It all turned out well and we delivered our class resuscitation before classmates that couldn't believe what we had constructed.  Just goes to show you....dangle glitter before their eyes and they won't know how stupid you are.  BTW:  the coffin hung on the ceiling at Bull & Mouth for many years.  The cross gave our English professor nightmares and don't know what happened to it.

 12.  Clark Merritt trip to Kelbo's to discover the new formula for TROPICAL RUSH.  Oh, discovery, oh hurt me again.....I'll take another sip.  This is good.  Who's driving?!

 13.  Working the bar on any given night and learning how to lip-read after working underneath a 3' x 4' speaker blasting music.  Then watching Clark playing the strobe light machine to PIPELINE SEQUENCE or FREE BIRD. 


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