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Danny Baralts recollection of the risque photos from Barbara Carvis Jutila's pics post  click here

I just saw the photos that Barbara Carvis (Jutila) added to the site.  Absolutely beautiful and filled with great memories. 

The pictures I can help identify are those she sent in "collage" pages.  But, more importantly, I should preface what event these pictures derived from and why Scotty Naber and I are dressed in "baby doll pajamas" in a bar called J. Sloans. 

"Oh, Boy!! got a lot of splainning to do!!"  says Lucy Ricardo.  So, splainnn I do....!  Well, there were a bunch of us (Oar Staff & regulars) that somehow found us grouped together in someone's apartment and Scott & I showed up and there was a declaration that J. Sloans was throwing a "Nightly Nite Party" and we were all going to attend.  Sounded great.  But then the unexplained happened......(I guess this happens when two dudes show up within a flock of off- duty cocktail waitresses that are bonding with their pajamas and mascara)...and one of them says, "Hey boys, we're going to this party and we think you two would look great wearing baby dolls and wigs and makeup.  Wanna have some fun?"  Up for some yucks and adventure how could Scotty & I turn down this invitation?  What the hell, we thought, nobody is going to take pictures of this event!  So, Scotty and I try on baby doll outfits, wigs, and putting in wads of tissue in the boob parts of the pj's and pop another brew.  Then the Great Scott comes up with a unique idea....let's make up these little cards that we can hand out to people at the party as we meander through the crowd, ie, "I'm Chuck Knox hiring for my football team", or "I'm Trixy...let me show you why!" or something else that would reflect the state of mind we were in at the time.  Meanwhile, the girls are having fun doing their "thing" getting ready and Scott and I are still waiting for them......hell, we already had our makeup on and baby dolls looking just fine and we're still waiting for the girls to get into the car and let's go; there's a party waiting.   

I can remember, as we drove over to J.Sloans, asking to myself, "Will they even let us in?"  Oh, yeah, they did and had no problem with letting this party bunch invade our sister saloon.  With all the girls dressed in their PJs and the Great Scott and I decked out there wasn't a stare we didn't get and the party started to rock.  We got the balloon off the ground.  Harry Swintek was the manager, at this time for J.Sloans, and he loved to party.  The doorman gave us a swift pass into the saloon and Scotty & I started to mingle, handing out those little cards we had made up.  Well, it wasn't ten minutes after we got there that one of the big stars of CPO Sharkey (a television series starring Don Rickles) arrived at the bar.  This was a very tall dude and luckily very nice.  Well, Scotty saw him as I did recognize him and we both went over (in our outfits) and gave him some of our cards and just had some great laughs.  I think that we both "fought" over him but he liked blondes better than me.  We never laughed so hard.  Life was a giggle. 

Then the music started playing over J. Sloans rather small dance floor. At least it was loud!   Okay, we all jumped on it and were sardines loving every beat and song.  Just see the pictures that Barbara Carvis sent.  We danced and danced, did a chorus line, and just went crazy being with one another and enjoying one another.  I guess that's why we're still keeping in contact.....we bonded forever.  The pictures of Rose Lee, Michael Scanlon, Smiley Rommero, Katie Donaldson, Pat Merryman, Ann Michelle, Karen Rosen, and Barbara Carvis and others I can't identify.  T'was our great time for this period.  So, getting back to the "Nighty nite party" we somehow left the establishment and made it back home safe and sound.  Wheather or not any of us called in sick for our next shift at the OAR/Buffalo, after this party, I don't remember.  I know it took me (and probably Great Scott) an hour or two to take off our makeup(!) from this party.

A salute to PM and Ann Michel (and others) for making this Nighty Nite party happen and Barb Carvis for keeping these pictures. 

 And now Picture Id's for you all..........ALL FROM J.SLOANS PARTY NIGHT ...

Pg. 4 of Barbara Carvis Photos: (I can identify some but not all).....Collage pics, second row (6 on a pg.)......Top row, left side, Scott Naber in a blonde wig at the bar.  Top row, rt. side, A Chorus Line with Daniel Baralt, Ann Michel, Barbara Carvis.  Others I forget names.  Sorry.

Middle Row:

                                     Left side:  Daniel gets down with the song, "The Love I Lost" by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes.

                                     Right side:  Can't remember barkeeps name (but he made great tips this night!)


Bottom Row:               Left side:  Our Katy Donaldson, Daniel Baralt, Scott Naber (Bosom Buddies..all of us this night).

                                     Right side:  Left to Right:  Ann Michel, ?, Daniel Baralt, Pat Merryman, Scott Naber (in blonde wig), ?

                                                          (sorry, the question marks are people I remember but not their names)

Collage pics:  Bottom Row

Bottom Row Left collage:  3 on a page:

Top Left:  Michael Scanlon

Top Right:  Don't know

Bottom:  Scott Naber in front with blonde wig and Daniel Baralt, with arm extended, enjoying the use of BAN DEODORANT.  Going "GREEN" before his time.  Turning J.Sloans into Studio 54 before this night.


Left pic:  Smiley Rommero, barkeep at J. Sloans

Rt. pic.:  Great Scott & Kowabungus try to score at the bar.

Bottom pic:  PM & Great Scott  with the guy I think starred with Don Rickels on TV Show CPO SHARKEY.

Bottom Row, Right, (3 PICS)

Top Left:  Michael Scanlon, Katy Donaldson and ?

Top Right:  Our Katy and Michael Scanlon

Bottom Center:  Rose Lee (with arms up) Charlie's girlfriend and a wonder person.

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