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Ironically, it was forbidden to photograph the interior of the OAR HOUSE, a rule that was strictly enforced.  The few existing photos of the pre-fire OAR HOUSE were done after hours by the in-house art dept. or by employees.  

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Buffalo Chips front room 1972

Buffalo Chips bar room

The Oar House 1972

Buffalo Chips back room

Buffalo Chips

mystery door

one of these people

worked  for "Arnold"

in the early years -1975

The Divine Ms. PM

Pat Merryman

photo - Jack Edwards



Katie D


can you say -1973

Sir Raymond Gann- 1972

COO Al Ehringer

& Brent Steiner

discussing the

Wanted Poster

fiasco -

ClarkMerritt  was cut out for a picture beer mug prototype.

Christopher Milk Band

Beer Wagon Sandy


find the hidden

Satanic verses in this

Monday night Oldies

crew photo shoot &  win a free trip to hell.1975

Kash -Kid Kontinental &Kowabungus twix a bout

of gloat & circumstance 1975

Glowbird, PM  &

AnneM  blowing off the

Prom jitters  before

Monday Oldies night

from the Divine P.M Private Collection

Sandy P, PM, Brent

and Andy H  before

things hit the high

fever pitch


Smilen Sheri 1972 

Julie & Clark AKA  Ma & Jethro

later that evening after the

bowl went dry & the hawgs

busted out

Julie & PM

conspiring to no good

Anne M

in repose &

loving it

....we now resume our normal programing

Danny Baralt &

Tip master- J-Squirrel


Danny Baralt &

Mark Morse

Celebrating the millionth

 gal. of beer poured

Senor Danny Baralt

 &  festive mule

Cinco de Mayo 1975

Danny Baralt & Jules B

X-Oar GM 1983 -older & wiser at Hogue Barmicheals

Abby the K

Where is


Locko -



Judge Lance Carson

 taking a  bribe from

a wet t-shirt  contestant

which dewd went on to be a staffer on Baywatch? 

Dangerous Dawgs

of 441 Raymond

House of ill repute

Clark M, J Bello Brent S

Bad to the Bud -1972

Wet t-shirt winner.   No one was watching the door & you can see why..later on we checked her ID and alas - underage -opps Sunday Nights brought out the best in folks- especially on a full moon. I dropped by for a quick beer one Sunday night  & found Mgr. Dave Baumgartner dancing on the Chips bar with a Vons checker & a bottle of Chivas in his hand.  I panicked & left immediately for fear ATE would walk in  -->
Robert Mertes

Steve Bernard -Halloween 1979

Jack Kish

Ace Baron & Diane Audia


Karen "repose" Rosen catchin 20 on the Tequila Weds photo shoot ride

Classic Steve Bernard

The art below was originally created as an Oar House poster by Tony Bell.  It featured several Oar icons including Jenx who said he wanted to be stuffed and hung in the Oar House when he died - can you find him?  

TThe above
artwork was drawn by
Tony Bell to generate
interest in the remodel of the Oar House after the fire in Dec. 1973.  The Image is of CEO
Al Ehringer, WA senior Capt. and shown here with a Gen Douglas MacArthur-esque demeanor.
T-shirt donated by
Don Watkins


This is a good one!  Rasmus  Fritzon finds this above match book cover in Kristianstad in the southern parts of Sweden.  He Googled the Oar House name and found us. We've nicknamed him The Ras-Mataze and dusted off  an old barstool in front of station 5 for his trouble.


Did you know those older hoolligans from the Lords of Dogtown used to drink in the Oar House?


Pat Jenks in his office

Pat Jenks in his office

Al's previous Malibu beach house destroyed by fire in


Peter (The Bear) Aitken

Foggy's Notion - courtesy Jim KilbergAl'

Foggy's Notion - courtesy Jim KilbergAl'

 Barry Ryan &

Carol Cromwell

Did Barry ever gradulate from law school?

Danny Baralt coughed

up this  vintage, mint condition furball -

1972 doorman's coat patch -YEAH Danny!


Kash, Kowabungas & the Kontinental Kids reigned supreme on Monday nites.  Do you know the original X-rated name?  It changed when the group made it big

Old Guard vs. the Next Generation employees.

baseball game grudge match. Danny says the old gang whooped ass...then bought the first round...nice

Prue Morris - Oar & Chips waitress & best bud of

Sandy Papieka


Stoked Mid-70's Oar/Chips customer Jack Edwards sent us these covert photos.  So much for the Photo Police...but thank goodness Jack took'um....Thanks for sharing, Jack.. ...Next?
The above photos bring back memories even I lost track of.  That darn dragon on the Beer Box door...when it was moving, I knew I'd had too much Bob Scura's notorious Hot Pastrami Sandwich served from the gut of the great chef.       Pinball in the Oar
Pacific Ocean Park
Charles Barron shares a few snaps from the past  (below)

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