OAR HOUSE & Buffalo Chips Collection  click on photos

The Carole (Cromwell) Paddock Collection


Chuck Locko - Barbara Carvis-

Karen Rosen - Mark Morze

St. Paddy's Day

Pat Merryman - Sandy Papieka

Maggie Chadwick - Paula Wilkes - Barbara Carvis - Dee Dee - Britt Ehringer - Pat Merryman - Carole Cromwell

Barbara Carvis

Pat Flannery - Sandy Papieka - Barbara Carvis - Britt Ehringer - Karen Rosen - Luann Grey

Pat Merryman


Katy Donaldson

Karen Rosen & son to be hubbie Donny Feathers

Kurt Cameron & the crew ladies

Carole, Britt Ehringer, Larry Linkus

Larry Linkus's Xart Gallery sponsored by Bob Scura

Jeff Dunstone  -electrical contractor

Bev Howell  Joe Esposito Fort Collins

Andy Hall

head of "Rip & Tear crew Fort Collins

Michael & Melinda Hogue Head Honcho construction crew


Carole Cromwell & Ted Lindsay Promo Services Colorado Springs


The Demo Crew Ft. Collins


Carole & Brent Steiner

Meadow Muffins

Larry Linkus -artist promo services


Michael Hogue's birthday party Corporate office SM CA



Thanks Carole!!!!


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