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FroTwo from Brent  Steiner

 Day in the Life of J Sloans

There was a scene for a film shot inside Sloan’s in the early days when I was the only bartender, and many times the only person, in the place.  This would have been May, 1971.  It was a low-budget scene with a skeleton crew and two players: a foxy chick and a male actor who was picking her up.  I didn’t get to talk to the female, but I did serve the actor a drink while he was on break and chatted with him for a minute.  The dialogue was cheesy and not very realistic, so I assumed it was to be part of an adult movie of some sort, though nobody was talking about it…. They were just doing their jobs.

A couple of years later I saw the guy on a TV commercial and thought, “Now there’s an interesting transition…. He  does adult films and also gets legitimate work.”  When I saw him again in Boogie Nights I was amused at the  idea that he did indeed have an earlier career in adult movies.  And maybe he did, or maybe not.  Turns out I didn’t know squat. 

His name was Robert Ridgely, and actor who had quite a full career playing characters in lots and lots of films, starting way before whatever scene they were shooting in Sloan’s.

He was in a film released in October, 1971, called Chrome and Hot Leather, but the synopsis of the film doesn’t sound like it would tie in with the scene from Sloan’s.

I’ve noticed in many of his films his parts were so small he is not credited.  He passed away in 1997.


The Christopher Milk Band
Rock critic / magazine writer / graphic artist John Mendelssohn lived in Santa Monica and was  in the Oar House.  He fronted a band called Christopher Milk.  If you ever happen to see his record album entitled Some People Will Drink Anything you will see that the album cover was taken with the band sitting at a booth in the Oar House in, probably, 1972.  I remember the day they took that picture.  I bought the album just for the cover, but we never played any of his music.  I found a picture of the album cover on eBay.
Now that should shake off a few cobwebs - Who's next?
me, me - Clark Merritt
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Norm's One particularly rough Saturday night the crew was battered beyond belief-I'm thinking 1972.   Alcohol (strictly for medicinal purposes) was administered  to the staff to ease the pain.  Just after closing it was decided that a Norm's run was in order so off a bunch of us went in someone's van.  Anyone remember whose van it was?  Somewhere around Pico I slipped into a deep sleep - OK, I passed out.  When I awoke, it was daylight & I was twisted up with 5 other sleeping people in the back of the van that was still moving.  I sat up & squinted thru the portal window.  WTF! - instead of a Norm's parking lot, I was looking at a very famous surf spot just outside Ensenada, Baja- 250miles away. The next 5 minutes trying to sort it all out- hungover no less, was priceless.   I believe PM was the co-pilot - Jenx may have been the pilot.  We ended up dining on roasted chickens & Pacificos.  I still don't know why or how there was such a redirected course. What a great Oar House adventure.   Any thoughts?
Another Quick One  Did you know that Jimmy Bello's nephew had my mother as his 3rd grade teacher
Ocean Park Omelette Parlor Mgr Mike Giovanoli & Walking Round Money
80's Ocean Park Omelette Parlor Mgr. Mike Giovanoli recently came in from the cold bearing gifts.
  Welcome Mike!  Click on the photo to the left for a looksee
Mike has sent me a stack of GAF Bucks from what appears to be a store wide promotion. labeled "Walkin' Around Money"  Included are GAF Bucks featuring a grinning mugshot of ATE & some green from St. James Infirmary.  All bills are in mint condition.  Also included was a rather saltly restaurant review  from a undisclosed SoCal rag.  Thanks Mike!
Dave Doherty found this late 60's photo of the Oar House.  This was from a travel brochure.   Note 59 cent call drinks.  This was from a tourist brochure for  Santa Monica.  great

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