A tribute to the behind the scenes unsung heroes of Grand American Fare

  a special thanks to Doug Croall for providing us with these classic lost memories

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Costruction Crew

Fanny Anns

I-5 Breakdown

PM, Glowbird & friends

After dinner Mary, Jim, Malcolm, Sandy, Vicki

AT's Malibu beach resort BumSteer softball



Me & Vince at Madison Bear Garden More Bull & Mouth  Painting the Steer pPig roast Pig in the tub

Rosarito Beach hotel- Murph, Vicki, Mark DuBien & Duckbill


Sally at Madison Bear Garden
vollyball at Malc's Scotty-&-Gail Bev, Butch & Vicki at falls
Calif_house-M.-Hogue-&] Dance-Floor-benches---Madison-Bear-Garden Jeffery,-Mary-&-Bruce-Barefoot-behind-the-OPOP jim-Dixon-&-dogs-at-OP-OmelletePparlor More-Madison-Bear


Annie-&-Kathy-Ft-collins-picnic Back-Bar-Madison-Bear-Garden Bev-takes-us-to-the-falls Cathy-Zepeda's-ranch-in-Mexico
Crabbin-w,-Scott-&-Cinny Fanny-Anns-hang Ft.-Collins-picnic-1 Ft.-Collins-picnic-2
Gail,-Doug,-Sally,-Vicki,-Gary Gary-&-Cinny Lady-on-the-wall---Madison-Bear-Garden Skiing-in-Colo--DC,-Scotty,-Cinny,-Gary-&-Gail Wall-at-Bull-&-Mouth
Clams-Feinstein-at-Foggy's Foggys-Notion-bar-backbar I-think-its-Washingtons Jim-Furry-at-Foggys Somebody-behind-the-bar-at-Foggys
Pete Peterson & Larry Van Ness  photo from Greg Pitman Oar House 85--86   Oar House
re-build t-shirt

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