OAR HOUSE & Buffalo Chips Collection  click on photos (except guess who)

PART 1 Barbara (legs) Carvis now Jutila - waitress Buffalo Chips came up with these great memories - thanks BCJ  SPECIAL NOTE:  Danny Baralt dispatched a great story, caveat & confession for some of these photos that deserves a read & reread.  Click here for Danny's tale.

PART 2 Bill Bilbrough drops off a tasty group of snaps from the early seventies.  Includes Mark Williams, Bob Halligan & Barney.

Barbara Carvis & unk

PFlannery Luann Grey, BC & Karen Rosen

Barbara Carvis & Arnold S

Barbara Carvis & Chuck Locko Mark Morze

BC & Dan Baralt

Barbara Carvis & unk

Jeff Searcy-BC-ClarkM

Bill Bilbrough Collection
Bill Bilbrough & Bob Hallagan performed a ceremonial ritual of fornication entitled "Dawn of Man" with the musical theme of 2001 theme as a fitting backdrop - during the Rites of Spring Party featuring "Skip & Go Nekked drinks "  Sometime between 1969-1971          IMPORTANT NOTE: Bill & Bob are not gay  

Russ Armstrong & Bill at Russ's  - Armstrong for Fish restaurant Avalon, Catalina

      Mark Williams

The Armory in Greeley Colorado

currently being disassembled - photos courtesy Tom Kirk

 I started the liquidation of the Armory in Greeley Colorado. I thought you might be interested in knowing that. I am also wondered if you have any information on the the place. Everyone who worked on it did a fantastic job. My friends, customers and I love the what you did and  appreciate your hard work and creativity. I wanted to tell you that all the stuff in the place is being re-used and going to good homes. I spent my college years in Fort Collins and at Washington's and love your places.




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