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LATEBREAKERS!!Welcome Shannon Burke 1989-91 Oar & B&M & Julie Wirth, GAF crewmember - Neil Larson
Pat Merryman Clark Merritt Daniel Baralt Brent Steiner

At large in OHIO & NYC & Vegas - loving it


at large in Baja/SoCal & in trouble, code name -  WildHare MMages,  occupation - camp counselor to the rich & foolish -

in Maui & loving it




Brent Steiner

Pat Merryman & Crew went back to the scene of the crime-SoCal     thanks Patty
Sandy Papeika and Ralph Purcell Sandy Papeika, Patty, Brent Steiner  Pat & Eric Brent Patty

Reunion committee reviewing key events

of the upcoming

soiree in Reno Oct. 2008

Carol Cromwell's abode Patty & Carol Malibu Patty Venice- the scene of the crime
Had lunch on Oct 8th 2006 with Russ at his restaurant - Armstrongs for Fish on the beach at Santa Catalina Island. He says please drop in and say hi. He's doing swell, married, kids and loving life in the rustic sleepy town of Avalon.  Ahhh Baloney Russ - the ORGASM
Jackie - (wife) -Pat Flannery, Pat Russ Armstrong Pat & Progeny Pat & Carol-some things will never change

Shannon Burke

Mgr Oar & Bull & Mouth

1989-1991 now working as DJ at 104.FM

 Neil Larson GAF Crew Member Artist et al


Steve Bernard Barbara Carvis
Back from oblivion is Steve Bernard, alive & well hiding out in Sunriver OR.  Says that Karen Rosen is now married and living in Las Vegas..and Barney Dunn is over at Disney's imagineering ......want to hit up Steve for a loan, a touch or just say hi?



somewhere in the middle with his lovely wife Pat

  then (1970)


RICH WILKEN - Lets go way back to the early 70's.   The GAF in-house designer for Minderbinders, Fanny Ann's, Bull& Mouth as well as several remodels at J Sloans & Long Juans - IB.  Also owned Wilken Surfboards.  COOL DUDE! back t    

PM & Glowbird's big adventure to Catalina in search of Russ Armstrong

Hot on the heels of the Parker Lighthouse, Long Beach CA soiree,  our dynamic duo tackled the mission of finding Russ (ah baloney) Armstrong in his majestic bayside seaside restaurant in Avalon, Catalina Island.  In a word or two - Russ's great!

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