She's still unearthing her photo booty of visual gemstones for your edification.  Gander, feast, gasp or chuckle.

Caution -  these photos may, ahhh....will arouse memories you've not recollected for decades.  If you have clues to ??? names, drop me an e-mail  -



O-M-G - Part two

 Old Oar House Beer Wagon side Old Oar House Beer Wagon front iOld Oar back door doorman throne iOld Oar House back bar iOld Oar House backdoor
Old Oar House wall art Old Oar House wall art 2 iOld Oar House beer wagon imo Old Oar Art iinside the Bum Steer
inside the Bum Steer inside the Bum Steer Help! not the Oar..where? Danny Baralt, Mark Morze, KAty D Help! not the Oar..where?
Carol Crom-daughter Kelly ?-Katy Donaldson- Carol Crom -PM iKatyDonaldson, Brit Ehringer CarolC Jules B - baby Kelly

 ClarkMerritt Ron Halpern,,Dennis Lawton, Bob Mares, PM Michael Main, Julie Anderson, Mara Held 



PM-Ann Michel-Carol Cromwell Sandy Papeika, Ralph Purcell, and a very pregnant w/KEVIN PM.  Taken Christmas '82.

Gena Cavendar (Cavender?) and Kelly

Julie Anderson?- Lucky Danny Baralt
Venice or SM Beach Lynn Pyle bAby Kelly Jeff Dunstone

Baby Kelly, Verlee Dunn, PM

DeeDeeLore,ScottNabor?? Sandy P OMG!
PM-Julie Anderson PM PM PM ??
PM Clark Merritt- PM- Toke PM- Mike Murphy Divine PM PM - Barbara Carvis
Thanks Pat!

Anybody have clues to the ??
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Pat Flannery Front doors - Bum Steer      



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