Pat Merryman was doing a bit of Spring cleaning and came across this treasure trove of stabs from the past.  If you were at the Oar House Buffalo Chips during the early seventies then get out the inhaler,  park the walker and pull up the Lazyboy  in full recliner mode & prepare to be mentally boarded.

Caution -  these photos may ahhh...will arouse memories you've not recollected for decades.  If you have clues to ??? names, drop me an e-mail  -




  Brian Smith,  Jim Furry, Kelly ?, bottom - Alan Christian ???,  Jim Magacni


iAlan Christian, Mark Williams
Pat Merryman
iKenny Fried,  John Grady iCathy Naugle, Brent Steiner,
John Grady, PM,  Clark Merritt
Cathy Naugle, Dave Sidmore  Corey Brookes - Sloans's Barkeep iMike Fisher,  Jules Difederico iBill Grayson, Brent Steiner iTop-Tom Miller, ???, ???
Jim Furry, ??, Cathy Naugle, Jenks, ??
Cathy Naugle, Dave Sidmore,     Sue Cox, Pat Davis   iPM, Alan Christian iJules Difederico , Bo Terry  ilate,  great  John Grady 
PM-daughter Kelly, Danny

Carol Cromwell, PM -  front

Verlee Dunn & Rose Lee back

iKaty Donaldson, Mike Murphy -holding PM's little lamb -  Kelly  iDanny Baralt baby Kelly iDanny Baralt,  Kelly
  ton - O-????   iHELP!  ????  


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