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Page 1 a Tale of two Ditties Windy Phillips
  a Typical Night at the Oar Clark Merritt
  a Recollection from Shannon Burke Shannon Burke
  Two Puckering Atwill Moments 1975 Clark Merritt
  Jimmy's Real Bad Thang & Dinner 20 Years After Clark Merritt
  A tribute to Dave Baumgardner's Double Dawg Dare Clark Merritt
  the Trials & Misadventures of Armadillo Dave Clark Merritt
Page 2 There I was on the Banks of the Ganges Pat Flannery
Page 3 a Quickee from Jack Edwards Jack Edwards
  Part 2 of...... " Tall Tales of High Adventure and Major Bullshit" Pat Flannery
Page 4 Danny Baralts recollection of the risque photos from Barbara Carvis Jutila's pics post  w/J SLOANS PARTY NIGHT Danny Baralt
Page 5 More Danny Baralts recollections, manifestations & incantations Danny Baralt
Page 6 Recollections of Oar House Antics        Vince Lang
Page 7 In the Wind - part one GAF –LAX Warehouse --Historic Notes  Neil Larson
Page 8 the Beer boarding Confessions of Ed "weedy " Wedemeyer Ed "weedy " Wedemeyer
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