This was a great event!  So many old friends & memories.  O'Briens & Mgr Nicole Barnes really laid out the welcome mat & the hospitality.  A hearty Saludos to the entire O'Briens staff!! Can't wait for the rest of the photos - bring'um on

Listed below are the guests we know were there but we also know there are probably more not listed and we'd love to include them.  Know any?  E-mail me and lets get'um on the books

Bob Scura

Les Perry

Chuck Weeks

Ray Cooper

Pat Jinks

Pat Merryman

Kathy Kratovich

Scott Nabor

Suzie Howe

Sandy Papeika

Ralph Purcell

Kelly Murphy

Lucy Murphy

Mike Murphy

Mrs Mike Murphy

Pat Flannery

Tom Moore


Charles Atherton

Ed Wedemeyer

Mrs. Helen Wedemyer

Mike Scanlon

Rich Wilken

Clark Merritt

Brent Steiner

Jim Kilberg


Jerry Connelly

Mrs. Jerry Connelly

Sharon Ryan

Dave Ryan


Paul Tanck

Marcia Tanck

Eric Parlee


Denise Lore

Brit Ehringer

Bill Byram

Marni (Byrams daughter)

Carrie Steiner

John Howe (Scanlon's friend)

John?  (Byram's friend)

Jack Bailey

Mrs. Jack Bailey


Patrick Jenks & Ed Wedemeyer

pals since the sixties

Patrick Jenks & Mr.&Mrs. Jack Bailey Les Perry, Clark Merritt, Ray Cooper, Chuck Weeks  - early 70's troopers O'Brien's Mgr Nicole Barnes & Brent Pat Merryman, Bill Byram, Eric Parlee
Glowbird, Mike Kelly, Scott Nabor, Chuck Weeks Jerry - in white hat ohhhh Jinks! Jinks & Helen Wedemyer Luis, Clark, Charlie Atherton
Ray Cooper - Les Perry, Bob Scura & the Tancks Sandy P & Palph Bill Byram, Bob Scura, Jinks Brent & PM with friends Jim Kilberg, Clark Merritt, Les Perry
PM with friends Mike Murphy & PM

where were you when

 the roll was called?

Jinks  with ATE & PM Britt Ehringer, PF, Bob Scura, PM
Pat Flannery Jules B makes an appearance all great & dear GAF friends PM's mystery bunkmate - "oh Bill not another Floozy" Hillary ain't she cute!  PM