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2015 The REVISED - adventures of PM & the Gang at the Rites of Spring Soiree & Minderbinders video  this is a DOWNLOAD
EXTRA, EXTRA! Brent Steiner scoops Oar genesis with Gwen Florea in "In the beginning...." a sordid tale
NEW FEATURE EXTREME TRIVIA! - gurgling forth from the deep, dark recesses of the mind -Oar memories, lost for decades & smothered with beer cheese.  Oh my!
NEW FEATURE SNAPSHOTS - a fresh look at what's going on out there from you
MINI -REUNION They're at it again - this time Santa Monica on June 8-9, 2012.  All charges were dropped out of pity, except the squirrel whisperer act on Main street
REUNION Tricklin' in    Highlights of the Oar House Party at O'Briens Sat. Nov.14, 2009
REUNION Oh Gawd, they're baaaack...this time  in Reno this grow like the Blob
NEW!! GAF VIDEO TRIBUTE PAGE - Creative contributions from our friends
  Pat Merryman's World - a romp thru the early 70's Oar House Part one & Part two
  A tribute to the behind the scenes unsung heroes of GAF -the construction crew
  The Life & Times of Pat Merryman - a slideshow back to Memoryville in 2 parts
  the Beer boarding Confessions of Ed "weedy " Wedemeyer
SUPER BONUS The Oldest photos we have received of the OAR HOUSE **1966**
BONUS! A special tribute to the 1971 Oar House Buffalo Chips Crew
Page 1 Oar House photos & memorabilia
Page 2 Wendy Phillips, Neil Larson & Mac Rush Oar House, et al Memories
Page 3 Barbara (Carvis) Jutila Memories; Bill Bilbrough Collection;  The Armory- Tom Kirk
Page 4 Vance Lang's  Bar Wars & J Sloan Memories
Page 5 more Vance Memories J Sloans
Page 6 even more Vance Memories J Sloans
Page 7 J Sloan Flyers   Vance Lang Collection
Page 8 more J Sloans Flyers  Vance Lang Collection
Page 9 Grand American Fare art - Vance Lang Collection
Page 10 Vance Lang's comic book "Manager City"
Page 11 Carole (Cromwell) Paddock Collection  - lotza Construction Crew etc.
Page 12 Video Tour of  post Malibu Inn & Oar House/Buffalo Chips - Neil Larson
Page 13 the Beer boarding Confessions of Ed "weedy " Wedemeyer
Page 14 Tour de Weber's Place    from Glenn Beck -Weber's 1982-3
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