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NOV. 14, 2009 O'Briens - (Buffalo Chips)  a gathering of the faithful

We have a reservation down on old Main Street in Santa Monica for
Saturday, November 14, 2009, 7pm or earlier if you want to have
dinner.  It's at 2941 / 2943.... sound familiar?
It's a no-host party, folks.  Bring friends. Be prepared to welcome
Clark back from Baja and Pat Merryman from Ohio.

Pat wants to get started way before 7pm so feel free to contact her

if you have the time and want to do the same. Among the topics of

conversation will be the next trip to Reno !!!
More info to follow soon.

In the meantime get excited, call up friends, whatever.  And get those

music requests to us early, or just listen to what we've got. Just for Laughs,

as always...                   check out O'Briens for more info about the meeting place

Brent Steiner


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