It was truly the changing of the guard in more ways than one.  Not only did the Grayson brothers turn the reins over to new GM Jules Boryczewski but the sixties, tired from love-ins, war, protests and the world's greatest contact high, began its slow decent into oblivion.  For Main St. it was over when a fire destroyed all that was those 60's wonder years at the bar a few years later.  You could feel it in the air and in the music.  Don Mclean became our unofficial funeral director with his dirge,  American Pie.  But for everyone here in this photo, it was still the best of times.

This photo is truly a jigsaw puzzle with a few pieces lost.  Can you name all the pieces?  Here's a few hints

Sandy Papeika Ray Cooper Jim McGaky Bill Grayson Jack Grayson Pete Kohler
Clark Merritt Brent Steiner Sherry Smilo John Shields Bob Fulton ??
Jules Boryczewski Katy Donaldson Cathy Nagle Dave Baumgartner Scott Nabor ??
Pat Merryman Barney Kevin McTigert Alan Christian Big Fran ??
John Grady Rita Montgomery Pat Merryman Pru Morris Joe Lyons ??
Dan Grady Kelly Murphy Wendy Phillips Jim Bello Kenny Fried ??