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  1. Brent & I had lunch recently. We dined at Hoagies – Jules B & Danny B ‘s (no relation)old bar in Costa Mesa. Its really hard to eat because you’re laughing so much. Many great things came out of the lunch most notably Brent’s suggestion of an Oar Timeline of people & events. Although Brent & I are still fairly lucent on our time of 1971-1977 we are fuzzy or clueless on the other life & times of the OAR. So for those of you visitors or friends and family – come on and help us out to fill in the blanks.

    Clark Merritt
    –Clark Merritt

  2. …oh yeah look for the timeline page as a link on the memories page after 2/23/08

    and I guess “where the hell is Michael Scanlon?

  3. re:DB – Haven’t a clue, still sore that he stole my pickle. We used to stay up all night listening to Nick Danger Third Eye. I think there were drugs involved…yep there were definitiely drugs involved a that damn pickle
    –Anon govt. employee

  4. I remember when Kelly Lange said on the news that the last place she’d want to be in an earthquake was at the Oar House? Can you imagine a wagon falling on you, or maybe a boat, or perhaps that “super ass grabber”? Remember the bikini contests on the bar? Every time I hear Ringo do his version of “You’re Sixteen” I’m back at the Oar House, and there’s that strobe light again. How about a free pitcher for the first bra to the bar? Remember J. Sloan’s in Hollywood? Sloan’s was somehow related to the Oar House, had an upstairs and a big bear, or something in there. Not as cool as the Oar House though. Remember that the signs on the “Mens” and “Ladies” rooms were switched in the Chips?
    –Jack Edwards

  5. Jack -
    J.Sloans was related to the Oar House. In the early days Oar/Chips emp would work shifts up there. Once I was sent to Sloans to replace one of the large heavy speakers over the bar. I was extra careful hanging it. When complete, I went back to the OAR. I was told that my speaker job broke a cusromer’s arm when it fell several hours later. A longstanding prank initiation by the construction crew. I was sick with fear & remorse. BASTARDS!
    Re: the restroom signs Brento did that down at the Bull & Mouth UCR & on opening night was overwhelmed by a football player patron who shared his appreciation with a right cross. That was a shuttle mission to be sure. Had a happy ending though. I always liked the flicker blub peckered leaping goat & phone box

  6. I love this blog as it reawakens the time I spent bartending at the Oar/Chips in the seventies. Keep it going.
    Re: the restroom signs (by Brento)…even I, as an employee, would get confused after having a “touch or two” with fellow barkeeps. It didn’t matter later on as I always just admired the centerfold pictures of PLAYBOY PLAYMATES that were plastered on the wall. Oh, those were the days.

    Aloha from Maui,
    Daniel “Kowabungus” Baralt

  7. Those were the DAZE- After working as a Commando Baby (building crew) for GAF and having the obligatory noon ONE beer…which was in 1977 , a pitcher for $1.00 (company price) I would go home to a little 2 bedroom rental in Hawthorne- The thing was , where I lived was more like the Oar House than the Oar House- we had 3 barber chairs in the living room, and after pulling out the ceiling, we used the exposed rafters to stow away tons of antiques- there was a turn style going from the living room into the kitchen, I talked A.T. into letting me “buy” one of the Air Force Jet plexi- cockpits , so we mounted the bubble cockpit against the kitchen Dinette window – like the other guy said- there were definitely drugs involved- We would pull down the window shade on the “glass” front door to show 16mm skin flicks- the guy living across the street upstairs could watch down from his bedroom window …The OAR would allow employee sale/rental (with deposit of keg $) of Michelob draft kegs for a $35.00 fee, so we always had a full keg at home for weekend parties- After I brought home the first $35 Keg I became the Hero of Freeman Avenue!

    –Lil' Devil

  8. An old Oldies regular ask me if Kowabungus moved to the Koodies Kolony on Maui. He was suspected of being a koody carrier by a Bye, bye birdie compatriot. Come clean Koodius Kowabungus
    –Vic Tumoff Roadkill

  9. Hey, remember when the Great Scott went to a taping of The Tonight Show and blurted out “Buffalo Chips” during Johnny Carson’s monologue? He told me about it so I attached alligator clips to my TV speakers and taped the monologue, then later played it in the Oar House. Johnny didn’t ignore him – he repeated, “Buffalo Chips? Stay away from the gravy!”
    Great Job on the web site, Clark. What say we have a Rally in Nevada ?

  10. Part 2 of ” Tall Tales of High Adventure and Major Bullshit”

    An old custom when a new Grand American bar would open they would send some tenders that knew how to pour drinks by company policy. Though Scanlon, Biker John from Sloans(doorman) and I went uninvited to open the Chico store Scanlon had it in his head that it was his duty to open this place. Both of these guys had motorcycles and each had logged hundreds of thousands of miles on trips. I HADN”T!!! So a week before we left Steve Bernard was kind enough to let me use his 550 Honda so I could get acclimated. I drove up HWY 1 to the County Line and back. Bingo! I’m ready to travel 2 thousand mi round trip.

    We met at Sloans for the take off point had a few coctails and got a roaring send off from the crowd for our new adventure. The next thing I remember was dodging rabbitts running across the 10 freeway near the Colorado River. We slept the night on a bench at a rest stop. Biker John wanted to take back roads the rest of the way to Denver. We stopped to bath after 3 days of climbing mountains at 12 am, damn it was cold! John new of this flow water coming out of a power plant somewhere in New Mexico so jump in we did. Thing is we dropped our clothes on top of a bunch of spiders and bugs. Scanlon went nuts.

    We got back on the road and I lost track of them being on a smaller bike than the rest. I came around this turn that had been freshly oiled for resurfacing and was sliding all over the place but I was able to keep from hitting the pavement. I finally saw my compadres at the top of the hill exchanging cash. One was betting that I would hit the deck, assholes. After a round of FU’s for leaving me behind we continued. Driving into Denver with snow and rain falling wasn’t exactly on my itenerary but the cards were dealt and no getting out of this hand. We were stuck behind a sand or salt truck that was dispering it’s load. Now I can’t see out my visor and rubbing it with wet gloves on made it worse. We found a ski resort to stop at and by the looks of us they could’wait to see us go. We stripped down to the essentials in front of a huge fireplace, bless their hearts, and everyone there bailed quickly. Fire never felt sooo gooood!! We were semi dry when management showed up asking what the hell we were doing. I asked “got anything to eat or drink” get the hell out you dogs.” Aaugh can I get it to go” Enough said as our retreat from the heat came to a close.

    Biker John had the greatest ice breaker. Mind you John wore this jacket and pants that was kept together by patches.I don’t believe you could see the original garment anymore. His Harley hat was so dirty from his travels you couldn’ see the insignia anymore. HERE’S HIS CATCH! He had these little clip on animals he put on his hat. Everyone asked about them and always sold out thus keeping us in cocktails and some gas.

    I will never forget this road trip. Thank you Michael and John where ever you are and may life have been kind to you and that this story finds you in goog health and spirit!

    Paddy Flann
    Cook/ Bartender 75-79
    –Pat Flannery

  11. To keep the record straight: A TOUCH was a shot of brandy with a “touch” of coca cola served in a shot glass used for shooter purposes. It was often used to celebrate a special ocassion for a customer or when the managers of the OAR HOUSE got their fill of beer while on their shift; they would come and put on the special music tape that contained the music from the MASH movie soundtrack that contained the words: “Okay buddy…your F**king head is coming right off!” and then the funny whistle would go off. And, more music would play for thirty seconds. THE FAMOUS TOUCH was not about drugs and I remember John Grady being the one introducing me to this libation, along with Scott Naber. John would come over to Scotty & me and whisper…..”touches, touches, touches” and John wasn’t even working for
    GAF any longer. But, being the legend he was, we could not resist his request.
    This is just a small sample of elements that make the OAR history and educate those who loved the place but we not on staff.

    Special note to Vic Tumoff Roadkill…be a killjoy and I.M Gone from something fun.


  12. Don’t leave out Bar Wars in San Diego! Truly one of the great GAF events in the days before the fall. Ahh the days of Road Trips to SD, nights at Foggy’s, Hot Shots with Rob Cole, followed up with a breakfast of champions at Pacer’s. Memories of walking through the Drive Thru at Taco Bell behind Foggy’s at 3AM. Chatting the up the WestPac widows plying their trade along Midway on the journey from Foggy’s to Pacers. Providing Magic-Marker tattoos to K.C. Knutson in the back of the Winnebago parked in the Foggy’s parking lot then having him “show his shame” to any poor exotic dancer who happened to chat him up the next morning at Pacers. Shannon Burke should be ashamed of himself for corrupting a young naiveté like KC Knutson. Thank God Michael Scanlon took KC under his wing and led him down the right path of life!

    More to come…….
    –Oar/Webers/Sloans/Foggys veteran

  13. On one of those jounts to Foggy’s Scanlon and I had a great time,apparently too good!We got suspended for a week for trying to move the fish tank that was on top of a old style gasoline pump.
    –Paddy Flann

  14. I worked at the Oarhouse from 1978-1981 and then opened Weber’s Place since I was finishing my degree at CSUN.

    I started out on the door with Steve Bernard, Rocco, Wendy was in the beer wagon on Mon night oldies, Scanlon, and Jack bartending, the Captain on his usual stool against the wall. then Rocco and I got promoted to barback, and finally to bartender.

    I started with the EArly Sunday morning football crowd and progressed to th, fri, sat depending upon the shift.

    We continued to drink (key 2) there on the other nights. It’s amazing that I was able to get my degree.

    My future wife saw me wearing the old Oarhouse baseball jersey on campus and said that she went there when she turned 21. That’s all I needed to hear, and eventually we married (23 years in 2008).

    Finally, I remember the Bar wars and heading down to Foggy’s Notion, visiting many of the other spots that Grand American owned throughout California, Boulder and AZ.

    And of course, my favorite night was Oldies with Les Perry (who is working the radio station at CSUN).

    Now, I’m an Economics Teacher at Burbank H.S. with two teen boys. Take care, the memories were great!!

    Bob Shaw
    Burbank, CA
    –Bob Shaw

  15. How much would it cost to restore the Oarhouse, and return it to its original state? Or would there be a problem with demographics? How about moving the Oarhouse to Anchoarge, Alaska?
    –Arctic Hermit

  16. Arctic Hermit…would moving the Oarhouse to Alaska include the staff from the 1970s?? I only ask because we’re alot older now and most have moved to warmer climates. But, with global warming about us it just may work out. However, we don’t want to make min. wage anymore. Great email you sent.

  17. I suggest Baja. I have the perfect venue – SoloSports Adventure Holidays Campo right on the Pacific Ocean. We don’t serve “Touches” but have graduated to “Baja Fogs” Corona beer bottles filled to the top with tequila with a fresh lime. Positively lethal. We serve them at our Chili-Bomb Cantina. I have a few tasty Oar House-esque music mixes that drive the guests crazy….and yes it has a bunch of shit hanging from the ceiling. Right now we’re looking for an artist for a tee. Must be able to emulate Disney cartoons from the 30-40′s like the crows in DUMBO. Will pay or trade.

    Great thing about our bar is nobody’s driving. The worst that could happen is you could stumble off a cliff or be mauled by a chupacabra.

    –Clark Merritt

  18. Clark, have you asked Brento about art work you need done….he is the greatest artist I remember and since he works at the “greatest place on earth” maybe he’ll come down and do you artistic justice. Except one thing: I think he’d like to get paid for his work and not end up with a tee-shirt or one drunkin night with a burro. His standards are higher now since the 1970s.

    Just a thought. Hey, do you have Kama’aina rates for your resort?


  19. Could it be that the “Arctic Hermit” is really the Great Scott who never left Alaska after informing manangement he quit by telegram from there.

  20. Michael Scanlon is alive and well in Hollywood! You also forgot to include Jack and Don Kisch who were also bartenders in the late 70s early 80s.
    –the former Mrs Scanlon

  21. Danny -
    I ask years ago…I guess the paperwork is moving at a snails pace & he hasn’t gotten to it yet….meanwhile we already built the one bar & have plans for a larger one. Yes we have “K” rates.

  22. the former Mrs Scanlon, please let me know how I can contact him and the Kisch brothers. I have been trying to get in touch with Nappy also. So please contact me at paddyflann@verizon.net Thanks! Glad to know another Inglewood HS grad stills Lives. LOL!!!
    –Pat Flannery

  23. Everybody – including, Vance Lang. Vance sent me a disc of cool photos. Vance- I don’t have your e-mail so can’t let you know I got the disc. Look for a lot of stuff from Vance as soon as I can get it up on the site. Also thanks for the comic book “Manager City”…I’ll scan it for everyone to see
    –Clark Merritt

  24. OK – I just went thru a CD of great photos, flyers & other memories from VANCE LANG. Vance – you have a museum on your hands! Get that stuff into a safety deposit box right away. Vance’s collection will not be out classed unless ATE comes forth with a steamer trunk from the past. Although it was from an era after my time, I have to say no matter when you worked there – it was Big Huge Times. Vance – thank you so much for your generous contribution! SALUD!!!

    Clark Merritt

  25. I believe Jack Kisch still owns/operates The Shack in Littleton, Colorado….one of the chain developed from the original in Playa Del Rey

  26. Time to start a where are they now for the original locations/operations.

    I read P.O. Pears in Nebraska just closed this April after 25 years in operation. They conducted an auction of all the props/decor/crap. I would have loved to have made the trip for some G.A.F. memorabilia! I’ll start researching the other locations. According to a web search The State Armory location in Greeley, CO is presently for sale.

    More to come…
    –Oar/Webers/Sloans/Foggys veteran

  27. Great site for Weber’s Place veterans/patrons. Hundreds of pictures from the late 80′s – early 90′s. Each picture on the home page opens up to many more. Enjoy!
    –Oar/Webers/Sloans/Foggys veteran

  28. To Oar/Webers/Sloans/Foggys and all Grand American Faire Veterans, contact Pat “Paddy” Flannery at paddyflann@verizon.net and get on the list to receive info about ” The Rally” slated for October in Reno NV. I will send updates as they become available and have researched housing in close proximity to Little Waldorf’s in Reno so in case you get drunker than snot(likely) you can fall & puke to your hearts content without walking far.

    –Paddy Flann

  29. The old J. Sloan’s location is now home to one of the most exclusive nightclubs in LA….Villa. Check out their website for pictures of the interior:
    Quite a change from when Doc & Scanlon ruled to roost there! At least the damn ice machine that used to scare the crap out of the uninitiated every time it dropped a load is gone. But gone too is that classic two-tiered bar, tip siren, Rocco, Bobby Gowen and George Waite along with the most varied clientele in all GAF land…. Gone are the KC Chiefs fans, the Danny Ray karaoke show, smallest/worst bathrooms in GAF, the Troy Duffy/Miramax fiasco, the endless Hot Shots and the coolest office of any bar in the chain.
    –Oar/Webers/Sloans/Foggys veteran

  30. As an assistant manager I did give George Carlin a T-shirt one night when he and his wife were eating in Buffalo Chips, in late 1971. I didn’t call him by name. I simply said, “Sir, you’ve been selected by random to receive this free Buffalo Chips t-shirt.” He thanked me, got a puzzled look on his face and quipped, “Who is this Random Guy I keep hearing about?”

  31. Hey Oar/Webers/Sloans/Foggys veteran Scanlon talking the talk he’ll drink all of you under the table with one hand behind his back in Nevada for the Reunion. So get on the email list and get info out to Rocco, Bobby Gowen and George Waite if they don’t have email. Try and find Doc if you can I know he’d love what we’re doing and tell him to bring his hands free drinkin’ shirt. He’ll know what I’m talkin’ about!
    –Paddy Flann

  32. Regarding George Carlin (RIP) and Brent’s item from 6-23-08 blog: I remember the Great Scott telling me that he was working the bar in Buffalo Chips and received a phone call from George Carlin asking about whether his wife was in Chips eating and he would like to talk to her. Scott told the caller, “Yeah, sure, you’re George Carlin and I’m the president of the USA”…or words to this effect. Turns out it was the real George Carlin.

  33. The Great Scott thought it was ME doing a George Carlin impression. He said, “Yeh, sure, Brent – you’re George Carlin.” That’s what Scott told me he said to George. And I think it was his Wife and his Mother who were in the Oar House having a good time. He was trying to contact them. (This is what it was like before cell phones, people!) The line that followed was, “No, seriously – This IS George Carlin !” The word “seriously” there is very funny, i think.
    –Not George Carlin

  34. Just wanted to add a note here….the Great Scott has surfaced. I talked to him today and hope to see him soon. This reunion should be fun.

  35. In 1980, myself and a couple buddies trekked down from Toronto Canada. The Oar House became our nightly home for a week. We stayed in some cheap motel down the street and gathered there night after night. Two years ago, I took my family back to Santa Monica and drove Main Street trying to locate the restaurant. IT still holds great memories for myself my friends from PEI and Nova Scotia. Our rented Pinto and nights at the Oar House.
    –Tim Herron

  36. My then girlfriend (now wife….still, 31 years on!) and I had finished college in England and were on a road-trip through the USA in summer 1977. We’d bought an old Pontiac Catalina for $100 in Noo Joisey and via various adventures (including spending a couple of days in a gay commune full of water drillers near Palm Springs) ended up staying with a girl called Sandy in Santa Monica.

    She introduced us to the Oar House and Buffalo Chips. We had a great time in the Oar House…we did wonder how a south London railway sign: “Penge, Not Stopping At Herne Hill” had ended up on the wall there. One night the wondering stopped. A guy standing at the bar next to us took exception to the way another guy was looking at his girl. He smashed his glass down on the bar, breaking it and then took a backswing prior to trying for the other guy’s face. However, the backswing caught Linda, my girlfriend, right on the chin and opened it to the bone. There was blood everywhere!

    We got to SM hospital where (contrary to expectations of us being required to show insurance before anyone would even look at you in the USA) a superb doctor spent about 3 hours stitching up Linda’s face…telling us that he was taking so long about it as he was making really tiny , close-spaced sutures to minimise scarring. Linda was so far gone on Oar House booze that she was laughing uncontrollably throughout the procedure: which also didn’t help with the suturing speed!

    The upshot was no real harm done except for an almost invisible scar and a set of worried parents, who, in the days before cell phones, suddenly started receiving hospital insurance invoices from SM hospital and Santa Cruz hospital (where she had the stitches out). We hadn’t told them about the incident, not wanting to worry them, and it never occurred to us that the bills would get home before we did!

    Almost 30 years later we accidentally stumbled on this web site and thought that the OA was still going…it was a real shame when we realised it was a tribute site to what once was.

    Still, our nights at the Oar House were among the most memorable of the 4 months we spent in the USA, putting 10,000 miles on that old Pontiac, spending $8.95 on repairs and selling it back in NJ for only $25 less than we’d paid for it!

    Happy days.

    Rob Naylor, England.

    –Rob Naylor

  37. Paddy,

    Is there a list of old-timers GAF’ers who’ll be attending the reunion? Is Scanlon really attending? I understand George Waite still lives down the street from the old Sloan’s location but no idea on Gowen. I lost track of Rocco after the infamous Sloan’s/Miramax/Boondock Saints cluster-F and god knows where Doc ended up. More infamous individuals to find would be Rob Cole from Foggy’s, Gary Clair and the gang from The Shack along with Johnny Howe (Who).

    It was interesting to see that the Little Waldorf is part of Fanny Ann’s, Madison Bear Garden and Red’s Old 395 in Carson City. I didn’t know Jack Sterling had teamed up with Al to keep the bar business going. What happened to Kimo Sterling??


    Do they have plans for more locations?

    More stories from the early 90′s to come including the most surreal car accident ever right in front of the Oar (to include a completely severed victim), the Oar House 25th Anniversary party and after-effects, Ed Bolin and the Free T-Shirt scheme and the night of the fight at the Oar that ended GAF…

    Ahhh the memories
    –Oar/Webers/Sloans/Foggys veter

  38. Tribute to John Grady
    The all-time greatest Grady-ism I remember John rolling out with machine gun precision, without missing a beat, drink order or ringup was -
    “Don’t you just love the fact I’m surrounded by all these esoteric nubile maids?…what are you laughing at Chumley? …sitting over there all giddy with a pup tent in your pants…..”. I thought I’d seen the best there was at station three by a long yard until the Great Scott took over. I’m calling it a tie….Its the only decent thing to do. Thanks for all the great memories John, you too Scott.

  39. To: Oar/Webers/Sloans/Foggys veteran

    If you send email address to paddyflann@verizon.net I will hook you up with Michael Scanlon. Talked with him 2 weeks ago and wants to drink all your sorry asses under the table
    –Paddy Flann

  40. I would not even consider going one on one in a drinking contest with Scanlon..however being a child ofthe 50′s/60″s I was a pro at duck & cover drills so…..if he wants to throw down a Baja Fog then Duck & Cover, OK, I’ll take on all takers & fakers

  41. Then let’s the games begin when we flush out Oar/Webers/Sloans/Foggys veteran from the weeds chased by one sved. Clark get this guys mind right he doesn’t get to Scanlon till he deals with you. He’s just a pretender till he joins the list to be a contender!!!

  42. Paddy–how ya gonna hook people up with Michael via email? Don’t tell me he finally entered the computer age…no way!
    –the former Mrs Scanlon

  43. the former Mrs Scanlon,

    The only way is that Michael okays his PH# given out.So if you Scanlonites want Michael you have to go thru me. NOW JOIN THE LIST AND I’LL MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND YOU KNOW HOW TO EMAIL ME!!!!
    –Paddy Flann

  44. I was a bouncer/barback at Weber’s somewhere around 1982-3. Karl was manager, Kimo and Kenny were asst. managers or something boss-like…good times. I met my future wife (a patron) there, we’ve been married for 25 yrs now. I had the distinct pleasure of attending Bar Wars in Sandy Eggo. Anybody else out there from the Weber’s crowd???
    –Glenn Beck

  45. I came into the Oar House the first week it opened in 1964. For a year, before I moved away, I considered it my living room. Beer for a quarter and free peanuts. The walls were wild with all this stuff from the movie studios and all my friends hung out there. I was going to Santa Monica City College at the time and would so so until January of 1967. The area was nothing at all like it would become as it is today. It was a very run down neighborhood. A block away, a little black woman ran a restaurant with her name on it. Olivia’s. She sold you a meal ticket for 5 dollars which got you 5 meals. She was from the south and could really cook fried chicken and corn bread! The Doors used to eat there all the time and Jim Morrison wrote a song about called Soul Kitchen.
    My rent at the time was 75 dollars a month for a one bedroom apartment.
    Anyway, every night I would go down to the Oar House during school year. The place was ablast and the first of, hell I don’t know, but it was the first.
    I met the guy at the Oar House who would eventually introduce me to his girlfriend. I stole her and married her and we moved up to Sausalito to a houseboat. I have to thank the Oar House for that. I have a photo of that night and will post it when I figure out how to. Peace
    –Jeffrey McMeans

  46. Jeffrey – GREAT MEMORY!!! I can’t tell you the number of times I wondered what it was like in the beginning of the Oar. I used to be a day shift Oar bartender in 1972 -a very lonely place between 2-5. I spent the time after my chores memorizing what was on the walls & ceiling. This was pre fire. Those walls were period pieces because that was what was on the coffee table I guess.

    Thanks for that incredible insight, I know that I would like to read more if you’re up to it. Can’t wait for the photo.

  47. Everyone that wants to Talk to Michael Scanlon email me. He gave his permission,last Saturday 7/26/08, to give his phone number out. Contact me or no givey!!!!
    –Paddy Flann

  48. Hello:

    I came across your Web site quite by accident today and Clarke hooked me up! Great job with a good idea! Those definitely were the days.

    I am trying to locate an OLD friend from my college years who used to work with Grand American Fare as a creative / art director. She traveled with a building crew. Her maiden name was Beverly Howell. She was going with a guy named Mark Dubien at that time who went on to marry someone else and Bev had a new love who I never met. She was also working with Vera Sonhi (?) who did major stained glass repairs and also had a shop in Ft. Collins near Washington’s named Regards to Mr. Tiffany….Beverly and I went to school and lived in Buffalo NY. for many years. I visited her in Santa Monica, Tempe, Denver and Tucson back in the mid 1970’s. Helped her touch up an old PT109 Boat model at a huge auction in CA…

    If anyone can give me a lead, it would be great! I have no idea who she married, where she lives, etc…but it would be great fun to track her down.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Linda Flading (St. Petersburg, FL)

    –Linda Flading
    < http://www.UpTownTampaBay.com>

  49. Wow, Linda… Guess what? I, too, am searching for Beverly and was just last night attempting to find her on the internet. She is very cool and enjoyed doing artwork on our new locations as I did. i really want her to know about the Rally we are having in October in Nevada. You should get on the mailing list yourself, Linda, Write to paddyflann@verizon.net
    We will find Beverly !!

  50. Ben Cather please contact Paddy Flann as your email you supplied has failed, so if want updates email me!
    –Paddy Flann

  51. Part 2: If anybody out there feels they have not been kept abreast of our future festivities please contact Paddy Flann
    –Paddy Flann

  52. Come to think of it. I must have missed out of getting a breast when you were handing them out. I’d prefer a right one if you still have any left.
    –Rufus Titman

  53. I worked at the oar house from1968 to 1971. I want to go to the reunion , but as yet I haven’t been able to make contact through the E- mail addresses I have. if someone can help please E-mail me Bilbrough4j.lane.edu
    –Bill Bilbrough

  54. Check with an artist that works at Disneyland. He was pretty famous in doing everything artwise. His initials are B.S. and that’s no B.S.

  55. I just saw the photo in the “Urgent Message” preview to the Oar House site. Am I crazy or are half of these people holding their beer bottles up-side down and spilling the fruits of Augie Bush on their laps? What a classic bunch of Oar House masters….one and all. Some, it’s hard to recognize, but they’re guilty of greatness. If this picture only demonstrates what is going to happen at the reunion….well,
    I don’t think there’s a big enough couch to hold everybody. Better find a saloon to do it!
    Oh, you did. Then email paddy flan and find out the facts….his email is all over the place on the blog or on the Oar Site.
    My Best to all.
    Daniel of Maui

  56. Hey check your spam folders if you haven’t been receiving our updates for the Oar/Chips/Sloans/Mothers/Webbers/Foggys/etc Grand American Faire Reunion
    –Paddy Flann

  57. Inquiring minds want to know. I wanna know!
    Are there going to be any games-hookers on tricycles-drink a touch an hour stupid 21 yr old shit. We are suppose to go up their and steal their women and drink the place dry Don’t they have creative thinkers for this Roman spectacle. Hell if we’re going to broadcast this I want there to be drunk midgets hanging from the chandeliers Caligula style and if they fall we bowl baby! Bunnies! Bunnies are slippers waiting for babies feet!
    –Mahat Macoat

  58. Here’s a Mark Morze story: It was Halloween night in…. (what year?… Hmmm…. the early ‘70’s). Anyway, it was Halloween. Actor/celebrity Don Knotts was in the Oar House having a good time. Mark got on the microphone and announced “That is the BEST Don Knotts costume I have ever seen!” Don laughed and tipped Mark a twenty dollar bill.
    This is an APB for Mark Morze.: Mark – I believe you when you say you don’t even make illegal U-turns these days. Come to the Rally in Nevada – get together with some old friends. And bring your new business cards!
    Brent Steiner

    –Brent Steiner

  59. This is Sherry Smilo, waitress, checking in to say Hey. The website is fun and brings back so many memories! I will try to attend the Reno gathering. Keep in touch.

    –Sherry Smilo

  60. Hi did you now the Bum Steer in Tucson AZ is open again. They cleaned the place up it it looks like it did in 74 check it out

  61. Hey all you Kool Kats and Hot Kittens put on your poodle skirts and penny loafers and email Brent Steiner with music requests for the Reunion hit list at br1118@gmail.com Gentlemen please no mirrors on the penny loafers!
    –Kid Kontinental

  62. I am sad to post that Alan Christian and Tim Keene both old school Oar House emloyees and friends passed 4 and 5 years ago respectively. May they rest in peace and surely they will be with us in spirit.
    –Paddy Flann

  63. RENO – October 23-27 – Pat M, Sandy & Ralph, Glowbird, Ann Michel, Great Scott have booked rooms at the Sands Regency. Guess it’s a 3 on a scale of 1-5.

  64. Check out the photo from the Jack Grayson collection of the 1971 Oar Chips crew – MEMORIES page. We need names to fill the holes & cracks…put your thinking caps on.
    –Web Rookie

  65. hi, my name is denise… i was named dee to d.d to double d’s… known now dee-dee…. you can call me any form of multiple d’s… now, the stories i can tell… i was able to travel up and down california… even to the east arizona, colorado… never made it to Nebraska. there are stories that begin and end with GAF. the red eye, bar wars and even the christmas parties at center base santa monica. more stories. i even lived at the house-apartments that paddy lived at… remember the artist scott bell… i just saw a movies that had some of his paintings in…. oh and remember jinx.. the nun…. or the green pail beer after hours…. the birds chirping and go to the pink elephant…. the blue fin at new years with gypsy bartending.. or joe the owner at the circle with his coors… and the petrified foot at the old warehouse whee the fish company is…. or all the women the Al paid for boob job’s…. and I want to be bobby’s girl…. i can write on and on… or the brunch’s at el torrito’s… i have the bra that was made for ban the bar… fanny ann’s during the jazz festival…. i have pictures that spanned part of everyone’s part of GAF… somewhere i even have old pictures that clark took of sunsets…

  66. Dede if I owe you money from the past please don’t bring Vinnie I’ll payy double the vig. I want my knee caps in one piece! LOL
    –Not A Frggin' Chance

  67. In 406-408 I hope they’re adjoing so we can get as many people in there as possible. Party room at Bill and Ben’s Yeaa!!!! I hope they have those drunk midgets hanging from the chandeliers Caligula style. Leave enough room for the hookers on tricycles

  68. For Discounted hotel rates:

    Siena Hotel and Spa: $89/night Fri/Sat – $69 on Thurs and Sunday

    Call 877-743-6233 prior to 10-02-2008 and give the code 0810GRAND or by identifying yourself as being a part of the Grand American Fare Reunion.

    OR -

    Sands Regency: $55/night Fri/Sat – $25 on Thurs and Sunday

    Call 866-386-7829, prior to 10-20-2008 and give the group code of GRA1023 or by identifying yourself as being a part of the Grand American Fare Reunion.
    –Carol Harvey

  69. Had the pleasure of working for the Bull N Mouth, the Malibu Inn, and the Oar House during the economic boon years of 78-84. During my hazy time of drink, drink, drunk also had the opportunity of living in my 65 Chevy wagon much of the time parked in the Oar House parking lot, showering at the beach, and generally providing hope and alleviating despair for many folks who thought THEY had a bad time of it. So- stories? – wow do I every have them (in a second)! “Bar Wars” in San Diego was very interesting on LSD. But before I digress I would like to thank the good people that made the Oar House the wonderful place it was during (at least for me) rough economic times. Shane Ferris(bartender), Johnny Howe (manager), Adam Nelson(bar), “Jonas”(bar), Nappy(bar), Margo Starr (bar), the “Captain” & Billy and his Mom(regulars), and a host of others that allowed me to share their lives and energy. OK, a story. One grim weekend in 1978 or so, the staff at the Bull n Mouth and the staff at the Oar House had a softball game….The ensuing fight was legendary and the cool feelings lasted for years. “You guys from the Bull N Mouth? You play softball?” There were some big guys on the door back then and there were quite a few black eyes and sore feelings.
    OK, one more. Once drove to “Chester Drawers” and really put it away (Key 2 became Key 4 when the funds ran out). We were drinking until 4am then found ourselves back in my car. Naturally, one needs to be very careful about driving 50 miles with a BAL over 3.0, so I squinted and swerved my way to a large parking lot where I felt it would be safer to grab some needed sleep. I had to get out and relieve myself but on my return from the bushes found the car locked and my buddy sound asleep in the thing. I had to fairly wake the dead to get him to open up. When I got back in light was just breaking and I noticed we were parked in the police station lot amongst many (empty) patrol cars. It was the Costa Mesa Police station and the “authorized vehicles only” parking area in particular. So I had to drive a little bit further – but by then my adrenaline had heighted reality enough for one lifetime!
    Good times, scary times, it was all part of the adventure of some nearly wasted years where my most notable accomplishment was being “cut off” at Webers Place, Mom’s, The ‘Bu, Foggys, Fannie Ann’s, the Bull, the Oar House, St, James, and even the Santa Monica Omelet parlor. I hope someday more of the the good people attached to this bar chain will find your page and contribute their memories. Thanks! -Homer


  70. this cracks me up…. being anonymous…. hell, everyone one of these bloggs should step up to the plate….. my name is dee-dee and i have alot of history and proud of it

  71. Hi!
    This is Cathy (aka Swanee) writing. I live in Sweden and I used to work at the Oar off and on during 82-86. And if I wasnt working I was still hanging out.. Seeing all Vances pics brings back so many great memories. And I remember the comic strip! I also wonder what happened to everybody that I used to know, its been so long! If anybody know who I am, drop me a line! Take care…
    –Cathy Peterson

  72. Cromwell -we’re counting down the days – it just won’t be the same without you. Just so you know – my plan is to make you Reno famous in absentia. Legal question – can you get arrested for writing someone else’s name on your name tag? PS. We’ll tip a few back for the the Lukester – promise.

  73. Last time I ever saw Jimmy Scura …
    The Main Street “FAIR” of 1977…
    He had his model T Woody Railroad Station Wagon in the middle of the street, wearing a well dressed man’s outfit complete with authentic straw hat & (sword) cane … I was blitzt on some sort of Extra curricular activity…To whitt Mr Scura strongly encouraged me to be on my way with some dispatch, and gave me a glimps of the polished carbon steel blade hidden in the gentleman’s cane…I never saw him after that …In fact shortly after that I joined the US Army “with dispatch”…
    –Orange Peel Neil

  74. Jimmy Bello + Bobby Scura = “Jimmy Scura”? Heck – why not!? Nice to be reminded of those Main Street Fair days…. Has anyone heard anything about Jimmy Bello? Kevin McTigert? Frank Caron?

  75. PM: Hell, maybe I’ll fly in on a redeye or with a redeye or definately a fat weasal.
    Should I start telling stories? Cromwell
    P.S. Has anyone found Karen Rosen or Paula Wilkes?

  76. If we are not in rooms 406 and 408 of the Sands tape a note to the door or slip a note under the door or leave a note at the desk. Lets get this going as soon as possible. Anne and I should be there around 2:00 or so.
    –Bill, Anne, and Ben

  77. Paddy Flannery… how the heck are ya! “Diane and Melanie” didn’t work at the Oar in Santa Monica, but we were regulars around 1979… drank waaaaaaay too much back then!! I’m looking for Jack Kisch and Grant Putnam. I just sent an email to the The Shack in CO. for Jack. If I find him I’ll let you know.
    Remember when I was “Wonder Woman” for Halloween at the Oar… won 2nd place!
    –Diane Audia

  78. This just about wraps this string for the Reno Rendezvous. Fair and comfortable travel for those going and for those not, think about the next one when you see all the juicey pics a coming.
    –Paddy Flann

  79. Well ? Are there any Survivors ?
    The sick bay is open …
    All those able , should report to the Home Office… with a sitrep…
    –Lafong Schmidlapp

  80. As far as I’m concerned, I had a screamin’ fun weekend! The only things missing were the Grady Brothers and a few fireman strippers for Pat Merryman and I! Will send photos.
    Love, Sherry


  81. When I got back I found out I wasn’t made out of tiger steel anymore, but what great fun!Onward and upward to the next one if my wife let’s me out!

    –Paddy Flann

  82. The Reno trip was definitely an adventure and an enjoyable reunion. Can’t stop thinking about it. Need sleep. Water. Vitamins. Food. Did I say sleep? I can definitely be up for another one, but need to digest this one, poll the players, assemble the criteria. And sleep.

  83. My salute to all that went to the RENO Oar House Reunion plus brother/sister saloons event. The pictures I’ve seen from it make me proud of all of you….especially since you’re still alive and dancing. The best characters I’ve ever met will not be matched. Sorry I couldn’t be there.
    Daniel on Maui
    –Daniel on Maui

  84. Finally – in Reno – I really understood what “oldies but goodies” really means! Ohmagosh – so good to see so many old, uh, great friends from the 70′s. Note to self: get connected again with some of the folks who did not make Reno – so much to catch up on! Love you guys!! PS. Smilo – what a treat – will be coming your way for donuts & budweiser – you’re the designated driver! Warn the neighbors.

  85. CONGRATULATIONS! The Great Scott & Glowbird are enagaged!! Yep – to be married in Vegas, Feb 2009. Glowbird promised me in ’74 that if they ever got married, I was gonna be best man – and 35 years later I’m gonna be!

  86. Congratulations indeed. Can we have another reunion then? Pictures are great. Thanks for making sure I was there in spirit/spirits. And thanks to all the organizers. We had the best of times and apparently are still doing it.
    Pat Merrymen
    –carole cromwell paddock

  87. What a week! Obama in the White House only to be over shadowed by the long over due bethrothal of Scott & Glowbird. I’m reeling and postively giddy over the prospects of potential overspring. CONGRATS to both of you. I’ll volunteer my photo services to document the consumation, I do wonder if Bestman-PM will dress like Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria. On an even more overshadowed moment, Brent & I met at Hoagies yesterday, laughed, sighed, wailed & winced over the hijinks of the whole reunion affair. We have a plan to present the goings-on on the website. Nothing as spectacular as the other news of the week but none-the-less as accurate as a rookie pour at station 5 on a Sunday night. So if any of you have photos besides Mike & PM..gettum in with ID’s & captions..especially Dave Baum…OK One other thought should the next reunion be like the tradition of the Going Out of Business Sale & be the 3rd ANNUAL. SWELL JOB TROOPS!
    –Clark Merritt

  88. We want to thank everyone for the congrats on the announcement of our upcoming wedding. Still trying to work out details of where and exactly when, but be assured that I’ll post the info here first. The reunion was great. Note to Sherry..did any of the swap meet pictures turn out?
    –Glowbird & Scott

  89. i just read an e-mail… the name is bob scura…now bob you can write me and i heard you are doing very well… scottie and glowbird wish you the best on your reunion and marriage… i enjoyed seeing the both of you even though you do not remember me….. the reunion was fun…. even with the plumbing going… felt like old homes week…. pm you look great…. sandy and Ralph…. i was happy to see you all….. dddd

  90. Thank you PM and Paddy for forwarding the pics of the Reno Reunion (plus Brento’s attempt to call me with Paddy). You all looked great and were having a blast in the “Biggest Little City in the World”. Congrats to Glowbird & Great Scott again. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there but the swim was too much.
    Aloha, Daniel
    (This word verification is like the strobe light coming on after a dozen tequila sunrises!)
    –Daniel on Maui

  91. Sandy and Ralph in Rancho Cucamonga not impacted by the fires! We had a great time at the reunion in Reno, and look forward to the next one. It was great seeing you all!
    –Sandy Papeika

  92. Cromwell – Trimble not Pringle.
    Danny – You’re right, I’m woozy from the Word verification box…hope I score 10-10-10 with first effort.


  93. Like that crazy Talking Heads song…stillll waiting – for the captions of the photos we have and for more photos
    –Clark Merritt

  94. Hey all – My position with JPMorgan Chase was recently eliminated (hmmm, like a good poop?). As a result, I’m gonna have lots of free time over the next few months. So, look for a few PM stories from the 70′s in this spot. If you were my friend in the 70′s you’ve been warned… Hey Clark, Question #1- is there anyway to link an OHBC blog story to a photo on the site (to be provided by me to you!)? Hey Clark, Question #2 – I’ve got a check for you – $50 – to help with the cost of keeping this site live – where do I send it? Hey Clark, Question #3 – uh, I forgot.
    –PM 614-432-4559

  95. Had a great time at the reunion. Would like to locate Dave Sidmore And Deddie Repase. Around 1970 Sandy Paprica, Dave Sidmore, Debbie Repase and I William Bilbrough went back east in my VW van. Would be great if somebody out there knew something. Bilbrough@4j.lane.edu

  96. i was at the reunion in reno oct.24-26 2008 and had a great time. was great seeing you all! Lets do it again.Although we were missing a few hundred people.
    –Ted Lindsay(Promo dept.)

  97. Ted
    Hopefully more people will come out of the closet for the next one.And thanks for comin’ by our unique club that serves sushi at the front door.

  98. PM – your money’s no good here. As for your question? Lets put your memories in the story section, then the photos & copy will be together…not to mention stylishly featured.
    –Clark Merritt

  99. My name was Lesa shapiro I started as a bartender at Sloans. Kimo hired me on my 21st birthday ( I started in 1984). Then I went on to work at The Oar House and Malibu Inn. I met my now ex husband at The Oar House. his name was Scott. We had a baby by the name of Shayne-Little Lu (after Lumo) little Johnny (Who!!!!!) and I beleive Kimo and Scanlon were the god father. Needless to say it was an interesting night at the hospital……..Good memories…If any of you are still around would love to hear from any of you…
    –Lesa Lotito

  100. Clark,I,ve got pictures from the reunion and also some unseen photos from 1968 to 1971. If you could E- mail me with an address I’ll snail mail copies to you so you can put them on the web sight. You should have my E-mail address

  101. Hi All – I was cleaning my garage yesterday – seriously going into the backfill that’s been untouched since we moved into this house in 1986. Unearthed a photo album that I haven’t opened since – hmmm, who knows. Barbie – there are several photos, my place, before we went to that infamous “jammie” night at Sloans. Scores – 10-10-10 all around. Hmmm, maybe an 8-10-10 for the Great Scott – he couldn’t get his boobs on straight. I know I’m showing my personal best that night. Clark – help me – how do I share these wonderful NOT DIGITAL photos! Since I was an equal substance abuser back then – I may have to call in some help with the ID’s. PS. I’m not working so who knows what other treasures I’ll find… PM, 614-432-4559
    –Pat Merryman

  102. Hooded sweatshirts on the way. Next XMAS, I promise – C–ksuckers just like the old daze.Sign me up for more science high for the Hoodie.
    –Paddy Flann

  103. HEY! I need the old Oar House cartoon poster by tony Bell. Need a memory joj? It’s atthe bottom of the page. e-mail me info please..I’ll make it worth your while
    –Clark Merritt

  104. Does anybody remember “The Wort Hog Contest”. During late 1968 and into 1969. The bar tender who trained me (Bill Bilbrough) had a book that he kept score of the points recieved for gross acts and equally gross woman. I know Bob Halligan is familar with this. Can’t remember who the bar tender was.
    Please help
    –Bill Bilbrough

  105. I heard Rich Madrid did one on the bar in the OAR. I also know about Bill Grayson in the Mgr repository across the street. Now that was an all time move of moves.
    –innocent by-stander

  106. My kids, Kelly and Kevin, were out in Calif. a few years back (between ’93 and ’03). Brent gifted them with some awesome GAF T’s from the OLD days – they still wear and love these now raggedy T’s. Anonymous above is SO right! Thanks Brento for all you did then – and still do (Reno 2008) for “us” …!!!!

  107. Due to a personal request, I have deleted several comments recently added to the blog. Blog comments are never arbitrarily removed. Only in rare cases will this editing take place.

    Blog Manager

  108. I traveled with my new wife and new baby back to Ohio to visit family for Christmas vacation in 1973. When we arrived back at LAX my father-in-law showed me a newspaper clipping of the Oar House firebombing incident and asked me, “Where are you working tomorrow?” (Guess he didn’t know we could rebuild the place in 40 days and 40 nights) That was 35 years ago, folks. We need to find that newspaper clipping for the web site. I think it was the Times, but I’m sure the SM paper had coverage as well.

  109. I went to see my folks in Alabama for Christmas at the same time. That meant no boozin, no belchin’ or tootin’ at the table, no slap-n-tickle and more church than I could handle. I was always tramatized after a week. When I returned I was driving down Main St. on the way to my house in Topanga. When I passed the Oar/Chips all the doors and windows were open and bar stools lined the Pier St. sidewalk. I thought “WOW the ABC finally nailed us with a fine with a week off. The management must have ordered a fill douche”. When I got home my roommate Bob Fulton & Andy Halls brother gave me the grim details. The next 40 days & nights I lived in the soundroom remaking all the old tapes – Went nuts at least 3 times.
    –Clark (I'm so ashamed) Merritt

  110. I’ve been chatting with one of the former Oar House employees over e-mail lately, and this kind soul has been consoling me in my loss over P.O. Pears in Lincoln, Nebraska this past year. Like the Oar House, it was another fine, rip-snortin’ house of fun, and part of me is still crushed that so many of the fine G.A.F. joints are gone.

    So the question came up in our conversation: What ever happened to Grand American Fare – the company?

    The restaurants that made up this chain were legendary, across the country, and across the world. The kind of atmosphere they had is something that every corporate copycat place like it – Ruby Tuesdays (before their recent remodel), Applebees, and TGIFridays for example – have tried to nail down, but always failed.

    With the State Armory in Colorado still up for sale – and P.O. Pears closing this past year – I seem to keep running into folks (online & elsewhere) that keep asking the same question: “Why DID G.A.F. ever fall apart?”

    The follow-up question also probably won’t surprise you either: “Why can’t we bring some of these restaurants BACK?”

    These are good questions, and frankly, I’m kinda curious if anyone’s got any answers.

    Of course, the “large” question/daydream thought looms out there too: even though the economy sucks right now, what would it take to get a large group of small investors together to possibly bring G.A.F. back to life? Could it work? Would anyone but us CARE?

    –Shawn "Smith" Peirce

  111. Hey Curious – Big Al ditches the low performers (least profitable/less desirable location properties like the Oar, BC, State Armory, P.O. Pears, etc.) and keeps investing in new “concepts” – and maybe new corporation name(s), too. He’s always had the wiley coyote vision thing…g& you gotta love him for that. Don’t think he (& his top mgmt) was ever much emotionally invested in the GAF name/properties/people – just the $. Probably what made him a millionaire – not just some old geezer hanging out at the Circle Bar talking about how good it was in the 70′s on Main St. PS. Wish I’d payed more attention to his business model when I was 25. Those few who did – and could leaving their emotions/personal relationships at the door – certainly prospered financially. Not sure I could have ever seriously played in that sandbox. I would have probably ended up being one of those old geezers at the Circle…

  112. Shawn – Sage words from Ms PM. FYI. The Circle was a seedy neighborhood bar across the st. from the Oar House. It was a sobering back of your mind adventure when you felt the bravado swelling up. Ironically, The Circle became a L.A. hotspot for the rich & foolish craving a little reality. I have a friend that had his independent movie opening night party there. When I got his invite I asked him WTF? He said his agent asked around Hollywood and the place was at the top of the list. 3 thumbs up. Sad to read the Oar/Chips was not performing. Again she is spot on about the love affair thing…clouds the rational mind

  113. Thanks for tip, PM, but I’ve always known, since I was very young — those with no souls can very easily make lots of money. It’s just about the only thing they can do.

    “Big Al” may have had a soul at one point, but obviously, like many before him, he sold out on the GAF concept. Too bad for him. I’m not saying he’s not a nice guy – I’ve never met him. But when it comes to the great things in life, some people “get it”, and some folks don’t. Money isn’t everything – and when you’re on your deathbed, if you get the chance, you understand that. Those that never “got it” will spend an eternity in hell in that moment just before death regretting that they never really understood what life was about.

    Maybe Al gets it now. Maybe not. That’s not my contention.

    Regardless of whether any of the original founders “get it” anymore, there are two large questions:

    1) Were there any large issues with why GAF fell apart – other than certain properties weren’t making ever larger amounts of money?

    2) If there were enough interested folks, would it be feasible – or even possible – to bring back some of the GAF joints, and reanimate GAF as a co-operative venture?

    I understand that Al and other GAF execs may have just been looking for “the next big thing” or the next big payoff – but that doesn’t negate that most of the GAF properties that I’ve been able to find info on and talk with people about were still doing well when they closed. Hell, P.O. Pears only closed in 2008 because owner/manager Bobby Jorgenson was tired of running 18 hr. days, 365 days a year, for most of the last 25 years. They were still making solid money, and had the building, lot, and other major infrastructure pieces paid off years ago.

    So Pears was still a success. I’m sure many of the other GAF properties were the same when they closed.

    So what was the “Achilles Heel” for GAF? Simple greed? Boredom with the concept? Neither of those alone are usually business killers for someone with a long-term perspective.

    Still curious…
    –Shawn "Smith" Peirce

  114. Curious Shawn… I was in the process of composing some answers to your questions, but now that I’ve read your latest entry I’m directing my attention elsewhere.

  115. Comment for Shawn….open your own bar and find that the costs are stupid….slip & fall insurance, liability, workers comp., local, state and federal taxes, and every tax you never thought would come your way…then pay your payroll and the taxes for your employees. It doesn’t stop there. Then pay for your perveoyers, and liquor and kegs and bread and on and on. Yep, they all say, “Let’s open our own bar and we’ll make a million dollars.” Step up to the plate and I hope you’re eating off of it because that’s the last meal you’re gonna have. Trust me…after 15 years in the business. So, stop grunting and get a job unless you’re making great tips bartending.

  116. Just had a thought pass through, Didn’t Bill Grayson try or suceed in opening a Oarhouse type bar somewhere in Missouri. Had to be after he left the Oarhouse in the last part of the 70′s. If someone knows it would fill in my clouded memory. A reply on the Blog will work.
    Bill Bilbrough

  117. Oh Bill, The changing of the guard photo in Jan-Feb 1972 says it all.. Bye bye to Bill & Jack & Helllo Jules B. Don’t know about the bar
    –Clark Merrritt

  118. Something is afoot. Rumor has it the House OARgan is rearing it’s head again. OH GAWD, we’ve got to hide it from the kids

  119. Another comment for Shawn. I was there at the end of GAF and it all centered around one especially brutal fight at the Oar House. After that things just changed and shortly after the announcement that Grand American Fare was turning into Grand American Saloons with only around 5 locations left centered in So Cal. Many locations had already been sold to former GM or Regional Managers so of course the writing was on the wall. In my opinion the end started when Jim Furry left and “outsiders” were brought in to run the company. Things slowly deteriorated under the new regime as we became more corporatized and in the end it was just the lawsuits and societal changes that put the final nail in the coffin. Times have changed and I just can’t envision building up a company or even opening a similiar operationally styled location that would work unless they were located in two specific demographic areas…tourists and college students. These two groups could support “legendary” bar operations (where the profit is) along with a decent food program. Look at the GAF locations that are still running…mainly in the original designed form…and see where they are located to verify my claim. During my 10 years with GAF we never really saw Al so I would tend to agree that the ownership group had long left their bar days…and interest…behind.
    –Oar/Webers/Sloans/Foggys veteran

  120. I had a calculus class with John Grady. At the time he was 20 years old, but I advised he to get a job there when he turned 21. He did and I worked with him when he first started. I have a great story to tell, but it will have to wait until longbeach. I hope this trip will work out.
    Bill Bilbrough

  121. There is a Gathering in Long Beach California – Parker Lighthouse Sunday,February 15 5:30pm till ???
    Pat Merryman, Carol Paddock, Glowbird & Friends will meet at Parker’s Lighthouse, Long Beach (near the Aquarium) for toddies, light conversation and a posthumous tribute to Oar House great John Grady. John used to work at PL and has a drink named after him…”the Shady Grady”. There is a reservation for ten at 5:30pm. If you can attend, e-mail clarkmerritt@earthlink.net for more information which we will post on the web site

  122. Please send my “toast” to John Grady via the Hawaiian Islands when you are all in Long Beach. John certainly brought a bright light when ever he appeared and boy, could he drink!
    That man was “touch city”! (Ask the Great Scott)
    Mahalo, Daniel – Maui
    p.s….I’ll miss you guys at this tribute.
    I have a story about John Grady that I would love to share with you all but it will appear in the OAR stories soon. It’s a kicker and makes John look like a king.
    –Daniel Baralt

  123. John Grady was King of station 3. All of us on the scene at that time were blessed with him during his reign and then later with the handing over of the royal shot glass to another great ….Scott. Two heavy hitters back to back! That was nifty twitch ass bitchin.
    –Squire Merritt

  124. I was in a calculus with John. He was 20 at hte time. I told him he should thy for a job there. I was working next to him when he first started and I have a great story to tell, but i,ll save it for the gathering. If I can,t go I will share it in a cleaner version.
    P.S Clark, Put me on the news letter, and E-mail me the scoop on the gathering. sometimes my outgoing mail woun,t go.
    Bill Bilbrough

  125. If I ever have to repeat again that I worked at the OAR HOUSE and not the whore house I’ll be a lucky man. But then, I’m still smilin’ and gess I got lucky, too. NEVER MIND.

  126. I was there at the end of John Grady. Not the end of his life, but the end of his career at the Oar House. I had been working at the Oar for about a month. They had me working the door but said I would get bar shifts as they opened up. I got my big break when about midway through a Friday night shift Smokey got me off the stool at the back door. “You’ve got to help me get the big zero out of here” he said. I followed him in back of the bar where Grady was passed out. John had gotten sick and Pedro was cleaning it up but didn’t look too happy about it I remember. Anyway we carried Grady through the crowd and laid him on the ground just outside the back door. Smokey went back and got his tips and poured them onto John’s comatose body. It was like the anointing of a fallen Prince before his funeral.

    Next week I had two bar shifts.

  127. We all lived with the unwritten, hardcore company philosophy that “you are only as good as your last five minutes.” The “Fallen Prince” may be a good story though a poor way to evaluate one’s track record. John was a champion who simply celebrated his exit as we all did. Thanks for the story nonetheless.

  128. Hey Anonymous,
    You write poorly of my friend and colleague, departed John Grady. Why don’t you come out from the shadows and sign your name? Until then I have to guess you got your job with a fake I.D.
    Sherry Smilo, Waitress 1973

    –Sherry Smilo

  129. Smilo – I will SO miss you on the 15th. But, hey, maybe I have a jaded sense of history – but dumping tips on a comatose employee (ex or otherwise) doesn’t really seem out of chracter to me. Also, funny crack from Anon about getting two bar shifts the next week. Uh, gone/next. Yep, that was (for sure) the Oar that I remember…

    –XO, Pat Merryman

  130. Hi Pat, Well, yes, it was a jungle. And lots of fun. I agree. I remember how I quit…I was backing out the door saying “Even if I come back asking, do not hire me again!” It just seems unfair to disrespect John. Hey, I think I recall Anonymous…he was the one who hid in the girls bathroon during the strobe light! Yeah, that’s him. Trembling.
    On the 15th I will think of you and the other folks gathering together. I am going out for dinner here. I will knock back a Shirley Temple in your honor.

    –Sherry Smilo

  131. Since I couldn’t make it to Long Beach, I will relate an early John Grady story. . After he turned 21 he was hired at the Oar. He was at the station at the telephone booth. I was at the other end. I think it was a Saturday and the customers were spread out along the bar. Then they had all moved to John’s station. I looked toward and he had this frightening look on his face, but I could’t see what was going on because of the phone booth. After while the coustomers come back. John settled down then it repeated, so I went to see what was going on. An employee of the the Oar( Crazy —-?)( I think he looked like Mr. Clean)was giving his girlfriend “Head” on the bar. Prior to this she was doing a strip for the customers. This was probably John’s first incounter with the Oarhouse world.
    If you have an idea who Crazy was put it on the Blog. When he and I worked the same night we were having bar master fights. One night after a heated bar master fight he came at me with the fire extinguisher, I countered with a bucket of dirty water. We called it off and went back to work and decided to bar master the customers. They started to pour beer on each other. It was a great night.
    –Bill Bilbrough

  132. That would have been Crazy Roger, the same guy who reportedly rode his Harley through the Oar and was rumored to have pushed one out into the peanut barrel. If there ever was a gross-out contest it surely ended on that note. Did I stop eating peanuts after hearing that story? No.

  133. The popcorn wasn’t any better. For those that couldn’t make it that last few few feet sprinkled new flavorings on the corn. Remember where the Captain and Prince Valiant Willy sat

  134. I was or am a survivor of last nights rout/wake at Parker’s Lighthouse. You missed a spectacular food fight, the forced ejection from the premises after I read my raucous Grady tale aloud and PM coldcocking the snooty gay manager for calling her a lesbian bitch as she was defending me from myself. Personally I don’t think her new hairstyle is at all indicative of anything dike-ish. Anyway the man with the walker is OK…just a bruised ego & has declined to sue. We called Baralt from the foyer..he was, as usual – giddy. Great Scott woke up and was very animated for about 5 minutes, arms flailing as he shouted “no waiting” to the staff that had ended up on the sidewalk with us. Bizarre, and that’s just the half of it. You’ll have to read the other quite sordid details in the first issue of the profound House OARgan. Until then, I’m destined for a brief respit back down on the docks
    –Squire Twit

  135. Thanks for naming Crazy Rodger. Funny, just 5 minutes before I checked the blog his name flashed into my old brain.
    Bill Bilbrough

  136. By the photos I can see you folks had a great time at Parkers on Sunday! I am sorry I could not attend. I do not recognize everyone….Who is that trying to feel up Pat Merryman? And by the way I must know 10 or 15 guys, personally, who can testify that Pat is NOT a lesbian. That is a very nice drawing of John. My story of John is that two girls said ‘What is his name?’. I said ‘John’. They just about swooned and said’He is sooo cute!’ eyelashes fluttering.

  137. By the photos I can see you folks had a great time at Parkers on Sunday! I am sorry I could not attend. I do not recognize everyone….Who is that trying to feel up Pat Merryman? And by the way I must know 10 or 15 guys, personally, who can testify that Pat is NOT a lesbian. That is a very nice drawing of John. My story of John is that two girls said ‘What is his name?’. I said ‘John’. They just about swooned and said’He is sooo cute!’ eyelashes fluttering.

  138. To whom it may concern; I just started the liquidation of the Armory in Greeley Colorado. I thought you might be interested in knowing that. I am also wondered if you have any information on the the place. Everyone who worked on it did a fantastic job. My friends, customers and I love the what you did and appreciate your hard work and creativity. I wanted to tell you that all the stuff in the place is being re-used and going to good homes. I spent my college years in Fort Collins and at Washington’s and love your places.

    Tom donated 4 photos of the decor which I will post on the memories page – thanks Tom & good luck cleaning the worlds largest neglected hall closet – Webonista
    –Tom Kirk

  139. I was in Greeley in ’78 & ’79. The stained glass airliner was designed by Laurence Linkus, aka “Link,” and executed by, I think, Beverly and possibly Grace in Santa Monica. It was a tribute to Al being a pilot.

  140. BTW… The Oar House BLOG is now in its second year. Hats off to Clark for continuing to keep this web site fresh.

  141. Crom – thanks for bringing cool “old” photos to Parker’s. Coukd we have been any cuter!? You shame me with action – my intentions were to bring some of my old photos to Long Beach event, too. Ahhh, site visitors will just have to wait for another day for those raggedy gems…to be sent directly via snail mail to Clark. PS. just curious if this LINK (direct or cut&paste)would take me/you directly to these new photos on OHBC site: http://www.oarhousebuffalochips.com/Pages/oar_house__buffalo_chips_collec-Carole.htm

  142. PM – I just cut & paste your published url & it takes you there faster than 2 shakes of a lambs tail. Now quit slackin & mail those photos
    –Tillet Shines

  143. PM – I just cut & paste your published url & it takes you there faster than 2 shakes of a lambs tail. Now quit slackin & mail those photos
    –Tillet Shines

  144. Cromwell….great photos from the past. Thanks for the show. PM, You’re next. Where are yours?
    (Great, now I have to figure out this word verification *&!!+$ to get this posted. Wish me luck!)

  145. I really enjoyed seeing the video post of what the Oar and Malibu Inn looks like now. I was there and saw it myself about 3 years ago, but its good to know I can now watch the video anytime I want and remember the good old times! The memories and the people I used to know will always be with me!

    –Cathy "Swanee" Peterson, Swede

  146. I was thinking about trying to get Oarhouse people over to Russ Armstrong’s fish place during the weekend of June 27 or 28th. I’ll talk to Russ, Bob Halligan, Ben Cocker and Brent Steiner. I’ll put the results of my inquirey on the blog. (Bilbrough@4j.lane.edu)
    Did Glow Worm and Great Scott get married?

  147. I was thinking about trying to get Oarhouse people over to Russ Armstrong’s fish place during the weekend of June 27 or 28th. I’ll talk to Russ, Bob Halligan, Ben Cocker and Brent Steiner. I’ll put the results of my inquirey on the blog. (Bilbrough@4j.lane.edu)
    Did Glow Worm and Great Scott get married?

  148. I will give him your reguards on the 10th-12th.All of my 1st cousins get together on the island every year. My grandmother and her sister lived there till their days were up.When I was a smaller kid I use to dive for coins when the SS Catalina would dock.I also had a wagon to tote luggage.Great times there for a youngster
    –Paddy Flann

  149. Aloha from Danny Boy (aka: Kowabungus)on the island of MAUI. We have a great 1 bed/1 bath condo (fully furnished) in Kihei. It’s next to Kamaole Beach 1 and all shops and restaurants. For more info go to VRBO.com – Listing #229874. It has pictures and details. It could be a great location for Glowbird & Great Scott’s honeymoon. Or, anyone in our circle of Oar People who want to visit Maui in a great spot. Call me at 808-879-8587 if you want to get away to paradise and have a great place to stay. Special rates to OAR HOUSE members. Mahalo, Daniel Baralt
    –Daniel Baralt

  150. Aloha from Danny Boy (aka: Kowabungus)on the island of MAUI. We have a great 1 bed/1 bath condo (fully furnished) in Kihei. It’s next to Kamaole Beach 1 and all shops and restaurants. For more info go to VRBO.com – Listing #229874. It has pictures and details. It could be a great location for Glowbird & Great Scott’s honeymoon. Or, anyone in our circle of Oar People who want to visit Maui in a great spot. Call me at 808-879-8587 if you want to get away to paradise and have a great place to stay. Special rates to OAR HOUSE members. Mahalo, Daniel Baralt
    –Daniel Baralt


  152. I think I remember someone named Hoss, that used to come and eat when I worked in the kitchen. That must have been in ’82-83. Dont know what happened to him though….

  153. I remember Hoss he worked as a doorman, bartender,manager and dj from 1979 to 1985 or so. He was with JK, Dobie and Scanlon a lot.

  154. I remember Hoss. He was on Bonanza in the late 1960′s and 1970′s. He used to ‘punk’ fun with Little Joe and toss a big fit when Hop Sing didn’t bring him his vitters in a hog bowl. They still show his reruns on Cable: Bonanza.
    Is this the same Hoss?

  155. Not that Hoss the one that had forearms the size of hams that would have squeezed you to sleep you pencil necked geek!
    –Paddy Hearst

  156. Murphy brothers just checking in (Mike ’68-’71 Oar, Chips; Kelly ’71-’74 Oar, Chips, Sloan’s). Sorry we missed the reunion (damn day jobs). In that great ’71 photo, Kelly’s sitting on the wall. Mike missed the photo op (damn day job). We hope to make the gathering in Catalina. Mike’s in Playa del Rey, Kelly’s in San Diego. Trivia: Mike was the opening-night bartender at Chips with Bill Devaney (RIP), Vyto Valavicious and manager Ted Sturdivant (now in Hawaii). Anybody remember the name and address of the dinner house the company owned in Imperial Beach? Kelly thought he’d go down there and bang on the bar, “Hey, put that on key two!”

  157. Murphy Brothers!!! Damn. Miss you guys. Mike, I cannot forget the time you presented Sylvia with a chili pie on her birthday. Kelly, I have some pictures of you at a party. The place in Imperial Beach was originally called Long Juan’s. Then there was a switchover to a fine dining establishment called Bucci’s ….. at the Beach. I have no idea how long that lasted. Cannot even remember the address. Hope to see you in Catalina, whenever that might be. Hopefully at a time convenient for Russ !!

  158. Wasn’t Vito Valavicious a Fireman at the station downtown in Santa Monica? He would come in w/ the firehouse guys for beer and burgers on their nights off, and used to sit at one of the back booths at Chips…I waited on their table a lot (good tippers) and we used to go sailing on catamarans.
    –Barbi "legs" Carvis Jutila

  159. I (Bill Bilbrough) am planning on being in the L.A. during the last week in June. I plan to join up with Bob Halligan, May bring Ben Cocker down with me. Might get some others to take a boat ride over to Russ’s place. Who knows. If interested put your thoughts on the blog.

  160. I am interested in a day trip, over & back, or possible over-nighter. Will need several weeks’ notice of locked-in date so I can schedule myself accordingly. Will help spread the word. Stay away from 4th of July weekend. Make reservations with Russ. Sounds like fun to me.
    –Brent '71-'77

  161. The day or weekend will have to be Sat and/or Sun June 27 and/or June 28. This week I plan on contacting with Bob and Russ and see what they say. As soon as I get the word I will put it on the blog.
    Bill BilbroughJ

  162. The only weekend I can do this is Sat. June 27 and/or Sun. June 28. This week I will contact Bob and Russ and see what can happen on that weekend. I’ll put the info on the blog. I’ll be there for a few days prior to June 27, but I thought the weekend was bette for work related reasons.

  163. I talked to Bob Halligan and he is up for the weekend of June 27 and the 28 at Catalina. I talked to Russ,s wife and left a message about our plans. When I know more I’ll put it on the blog.
    Bill Bilbrough

  164. Hi, Just found this site, GREAT. I was a Oar House regular from 68 to 76. I wonder what happen to (Patrick) Jinx with the Australian Hat? I still live in West LA and wish the old place was still open. I also remember Sloans which was a little too stuffy when compared to the Oar House. Does any recall the 6-9-69 party? Oh, for those cheap drinks, although I haven’t drank much since 1977. Cuba Libra was my favorite. I guess it’s all just a memory now.

  165. I was planning a trip to California and saw Santa Monica on the map an old memory of the Oar House slowly came back and I wondered what happened to it.
    Thanks to your website I found out.

    In the mid 70s I worked for Bill Byram and we installed a lot of the sound systems. I remember working at Dark Horse, Boulder, Fanny Ann’s, Sacramento, Minder Binders, Tempe, That place, San Diego, Bull and Mouth, Riverside and the Oar House. Probably a few others I don’t remember.

    I have a few sound system pictures but not from the Oar House. I attached some from the Dark Horse, That Place and the tape decks from Bull and Mouth after the fire. I still have an “I helped rebuild the Oar House” tee shirt someplace, a Kash Kowabungus record jacket you gave me and copies of a couple of the music tapes.

    Like the prints, my 35 year old memories are fading fast but I still have a lot of interesting memories from working at the various sites.

    I remember Mike and Melinda from the crew. I was sorry to see that Mike is gone. The crew was quite interesting to work with.

    I looked at the employee list and remembered a few names. I think Jules was a manager when we were working there. I remember Pat Merryman because she let a friend and I stay at her house one night. There was another woman that worked with Pat and maybe was a roommate but none of the names looked familiar.

    I appreciate the time you spent working on the website. It really helped bring back a lot of memories. While I only spent a short time working on the sound systems, I enjoyed working with you, the other people on the crew and at various locations.

    Mac Rush
    Phoenix, AZ
    editor’s note – look on Memories page for the photos including a Brent Steiner original

  166. My few evenings at the OH/BC were among my strongest memories of my 3 yrs. in southern CA. My other fun times included concerts of F. Zappa, Elvin Bishop, Yes, Eric Burdon, and the Doobie Bros.
    And there’s the crazy evening I went to DW’s Troubadour to hear Joni Mitchell perform. The place was sold out and a good crowd hung around outside. I couldn’t get in and after straining to hear several songs from the outside I decided to move on. Not having a car at the time, I wandered around (just liken the night I first came to the Oar House) and ended up at the entrance of the Aquarius Theater.
    According to the signs, if I had arrived a few hours earlier I might have been able to attend the very last performance of ‘Hair’. I continued my walkabout, and at around 2 a.m. I stopped in at Ben Frank’s (later- Mel’s Diner) to drown my 2 disappointments in coffee.
    It wasn’t very long before an older gentleman sat down in the next seat to my right at the counter. I had been ‘spare changed’ by someone when I stopped for food earlier that day, so now I decided to offer out right to buy this stranger’s coffee. He told me ‘thanks, but I think I’ve got it’. We had a bit of light conversation & pleasantries. I didn’t learn he was Redd Foxx until after some of the restaurant employees bid him ‘goodnight Redd’. I still don’t know why he sat next to me when there was a huge choice of seating, unless maybe I had unknowingly planted myself next to his usual spot. Also, he appeared sober, subdued and polite…a far cry from the stories I’ve read about him since then. But that, along with his wearing of a dark winter stocking cap perhaps meant that he wanted a low profile at the moment. Anyway, my 20 minutes drinking coffee with an enigma kinda balanced out the day.
    I know that was kind of a non-event by Los Angeles standards. But learning how to surf, touring the L.A County Museum of Art, attending the ’74 California Jam, and enjoying an extra huge cheeseburger and suds at the greatest pub & eatery on the coast —these were not everyday events for an Iowa boy.
    Things change over the years. Some things, like flowers, rainbows, and coastal sunsets still make us glad to be alive . But unfettered corporate greed, rampaging development (progress?), unwelcome political correctness, heavy-handed law writing and penalties, and all the other crap that goes into the paving of paradise (thankya Joni) are what makes us yearn for the simpler times of the 60′s and ’70′s. (selectovision at work here). Of course if we rode the timemachine back to ’72 we’d find our drinking buddies saying ‘life is too tough…too complicated…let’s get drunk’. And ‘long live the Oar House!’

    Larry Sykes
    –Larry Sykes

  167. Does anyone know where TOM JONES is? He once installed sound systems for Grand American Faire and we used him for our installations at Hogue Barmichael’s and Golden Lion Tavern. He was a great guy and knew his stuff.

  168. I’ll be in L.A from June 26 (Friday) through June 29. I will be meeting Bob Halligan. I gave Bob my Cel number. If other people are interested in doing something during that time they can communicate through the Blog. Brent Steiner has been in contact with Bob also.
    Bill Bilbrough

  169. Old employee Steve Lassoff (80′s)- also had the distinction of working across the street at One Life (damn hippies!)Burger-flipper, bartender, and art dept. artist. Where’s Paula McShane and sister Meli-Mel? Where’s David Bright? Dee-Dee is waitressing at Nat ‘n Al’s in Beverly Hills. Where’s Karl Shcwabenauer?

    How ’bout the party at Brent’s place where everyone (including Matt Groenig before the Simpsons) work a “Class Trip to the Airport” poster then went to LAX, sneaked it in and taped it on a wall. Definitely pre-9/11.

    David Bright and I would get off at 10PM. Between 10 and 11 we hit all five stations for a shot of Jack. Five shots and beers in the space of an hour. I wondered where I lost those brain cells.

    Definitely one of the best times in my life. I once pitched a dime into a olive tip jar from the opposite end of the bar then repeated it for an awe-struck afternoon crowd. I still bartend today at a fancy Beverly Hills banquet spot to all sorts of celebs and such, the Oar House sill stands out as the greatest.

    Wasn’t Schwarzenegger’s secretary an Oar House employee? Nice lady as I remember.

  170. Old employee Steve Lassoff (80′s)- also had the distinction of working across the street at One Life (damn hippies!)Burger-flipper, bartender, and art dept. artist. Where’s Paula McShane and sister Meli-Mel? Where’s David Bright? Dee-Dee is waitressing at Nat ‘n Al’s in Beverly Hills. Where’s Karl Shcwabenauer?

    How ’bout the party at Brent’s place where everyone (including Matt Groenig before the Simpsons) work a “Class Trip to the Airport” poster then went to LAX, sneaked it in and taped it on a wall. Definitely pre-9/11.

    David Bright and I would get off at 10PM. Between 10 and 11 we hit all five stations for a shot of Jack. Five shots and beers in the space of an hour. I wondered where I lost those brain cells.

    Definitely one of the best times in my life. I once pitched a dime into a olive tip jar from the opposite end of the bar then repeated it for an awe-struck afternoon crowd. I still bartend today at a fancy Beverly Hills banquet spot to all sorts of celebs and such, the Oar House sill stands out as the greatest.

    Wasn’t Schwarzenegger’s secretary an Oar House employee? Nice lady as I remember.

  171. David Bright last time I saw him 20+ yrs ago he was running an art gallery in Beverly Hills
    Nice lady as I remember- Barbi Carvis

  172. To anybody interested and available. Bill Bilbrough, Bob Halligan, and Brent Steiner will be meeting Wednesday July 1 at El Cholo’s at between 11 and 11:30 AM. the address is 1025 Wilshire Bld. Santa Monica. After that we don’t know whst will do. will decide at that time.

  173. We will definitely be visiting 2941-2943 Main Street after lunch for a photo op. Why not show up yourself? The hardest part will be finding parking. Maybe Dick the Bum will hold you a spot near the dumpster. Can you believe Bilbrough came all the way from Oregon for this?

  174. I (Bill Bilbrough) come each year to visit some friends in the area. When I found out that Bob Halligan was in the area it was a good opportunity to make contact. On the way down I stopped and visited Ben Cocker in Redwood City. Since we didn’t have muched planned he decided not to make the trip.
    We can certainly drop by 2941-2945 for a photo op. By the way, Who2pAw is we in the above blog.

  175. I (Bill Bilbrough) come each year to visit some friends in the area. When I found out that Bob Halligan was in the area it was a good opportunity to make contact. On the way down I stopped and visited Ben Cocker in Redwood City. Since we didn’t have muched planned he decided not to make the trip.
    We can certainly drop by 2941-2945 for a photo op. By the way, Who2pAw is we in the above blog.

  176. Hi Bill and Anne – Do you have time to stop in Ashland on your way home? EZ off and back onto the freeway. You could get some Oregon cheaper/better gas for the car and have lunch with me! I would be so happy to see you both! Call for directions.

  177. Hi Sherry,
    Anne is not with me this trip and I will be coming home by way of 97 out of weed. Anne and I do get to Asland, and if we do we will look you up for sure. Hope things are going good for you. We had a great time in Reno.

  178. Hi Bill,
    Have fun in Santa Monica with the gang from the Oar House. Say Hello for me. I’ll see you and Anne sometime soon. Sherry

  179. WOW, I’ve been slow roasting in Baja fighting Swine flu, border violence, a real bad economy and the Mexicans threatening to build their own wall to keep out drunk college students etc. and then I get a mesage from Brent that Yahoo done froze da blog and terminated their blog hosting feature. Sorry about that. So this is the best Ican do for now. Any ideas? Forward to me. I will get it dialed.

  180. We, Bob Halligan, Brent Steiner and Bill Bilbrough Spent Saturday June 28 stuffing our faces with mexican food, then spent the rest of the afternoon at the location on main street. The new owner had found some old pictures and was going to make them available. Mark Williams was in one. Wish we could find him.
    She was interested in the history of the oarhouse.
    I’m in Jaco Costa Rico at the world surfing games.

  181. Aloha from Maui…..I haven’t been on this site for a couple of months and its’ new look is great. A long life and wonderful health to everyone that comes here as we’ve all given our systems a BLAST FROM THE PAST WITH OUR MEMORIES and have enjoyed it all. Let the communications go forward.


  182. Dude…. !!! Get on the mailing list. We are having a party at the old Oar House on November 14th, 2009. Bring a carload of friends. 2943 Main Street, 90405.
    And stay tuned…. let us know what you want to do next !

  183. this is a test -
    to see if t posts on the Oar Blog
    Because I wrote a 7oo word illustrated novella and it evaporated when I triedd to post it earlier ?WTF ?
    I hope this works if it does I will be back -
    Are there any survivors fromNOV 14th ?
    Patt? Merrit ? Bueller ? Bueller ?
    Abyone ?

  184. We have several nice photos of some rare GAF / Oar House “stuff”-with detailed story-lines about each photo-
    A rare BOOZE SIGN used on the Kitchen entrance of Chips?
    We will send these soon Our Sherpa totters are bringing the photo equipment so we can begin developing the prints-
    and among the photos are 2 very colorful shots of the Baby Elephant from the ceiling of the OAR- while it was up- with an AOR in it’s rear end- We have proof of a “Dinette” from My house that was used as the template for all the boothes in the Omelete Parlor on Main Street in SaMo – story was Beverly Howell came over to my Pad and chatted there in the kitchen & really liked the design of our old kitchen Booth/ DFinette She said I will use this for the Omelete Parlor- the next thing I knew – There was a assembly Factory iin the warehouse dedicated to knocking out reproductions of my Table & benches ?! thanks Bev-

  185. If it’s the one I’m thinking of……The “BOOZE” sign was over the “Jump Bar” in the back of Chips, only used for busy parties. It was only plugged in and lit up when a barkeep was present. Like G.O.B. sale.
    We really need to find Beverly.

    Just my opinion you understand.

  187. So long a go, so blurry and my very bad memory with names I wish some body remembers me and contacts me, I worked there in the kitchen I believe 84 to 86, when I found this page, I could smell and taste the amazing burgers that we served there, the manager that hired me was Kimo and the asistent manager was some anoyng guy Doug, some Hawaiian dude, I worked there iligaly because I was under age, 19 I remember with a fake ID, I also DJ for a wile, had a geat time, doorman Peter, Big black dude Bubba, some bar tender with a beard funny guy, can’t remember much only that it was alcohol, drugs, sex and rock and roll, if any body remembers me please contact me now I live in Cabo San Lucas

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